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Halloween Game Collab 07

rated 3.79 / 5 stars
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Oct 24, 2007 | 9:00 PM EDT

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  • Halloween 2007
    Halloween 2007 Sexy vampires, a hungry Visitor and one Bad Idea. And skeletons. Spooky scary ones.

Author Comments

***Update, some glitches have been fixed (bear with us) :P

Halloween Game Collab 07 - A collab of Halloween-related and themed games. A game collab is pretty hard to pull off, but with the tons of ideas, initiative and work that was shown to get it to where it is now, so I would like to thank all those who participated (in no particular order):


We hope you all enjoy the insane amounts of effort, especially seeing as participants only had approx 3 weeks to input into this.
- Coolio-N



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm shocked.

This game must've took alot of work. I mean, people who probably barely know eachover collabarataing to make a host of really decent games, all of which could probably hold their own as standalones, and... it has a score of 3.68..? Seriously? I mean, that really does show how jealous some people become to want to win some competition. This game deserves at least 4.60. It got 1 point less.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Get ready for some reading...

Graveyard shift:I liked it a bit but the lack of weapons,health,powerups and the fact that there were 2 types of enemys only made it a little dull(also the rocket launcher is USELESS against more than 1 enemy at a time.

Candle Light:hmm a game were u lite candles...why hasnt anyone thout of this before...probably because its boring

Ressurection:Definatley the worst game it was boring pointless and never ended

Dark Depths:just plain weapon... one star

Tower Climb:it was ok but the jump bar needs to refill faster...and why would a purple blob want candy???

Blood Type:a VERY basic typing game with almost no challenge

Its Raining Candy:a shamels ripoff of the classic fire rescue games...wich USED to be my favorite type of games

Pumpkin Crush:a decent game although there was a few glitches 1 u had to hit the pumpkin directly in the centre and 2 some of the pumkins were in the rocks making them impossible to hit

Ghoul Hunter:i enjoyed this game although it would have been much beter if u put in stages and upgrades

Get off my lawn:by far the best game but sadly the easiest limited characters and weapons made it boring after lvl 6

OverAll:normally i like the Armour games/Newgrounds projects ...sadly this time i didnt i found it very dull and very simple which is a shame

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Coolio-Niato responds:

Graveyard shift= 4 types of enemies, and also, armorgames and newgrounds are SPONSERS, you must understand this, they dont program or make every game with their logo in them >.>


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

(sigh....) here we go...

Pico Graveyard Shift- The game was a so-so shoot 'em up style few minutes of fun. The undead models DID look like Frankenstein (and in the case of the flying ones PURPLE Frankenstein-bat) trashcans. 4/10

Candle Light- I'm sorry to say that this game was merely a half-hearted time waster. The formations were cool though (but only for Halloween :}. 2/10

Resurrection- An okay game with clunky controls; instead of moving when i pushed a button, it only swung itself in that direction meaning that it took too long to move, but that made it a little more fun because it added challenge! 4/10

Dark Depths- One of the better games; this was a lot better than all of the other games not just because it was a shooter but because it actually had a little element in the game's mixture called:FUN. 7/10

Tower Climb- Dark Depths with much less shooting and a lot more candy collecting. Not necessarily a bad thing! 5/10

Blood Type- A typing instructor that has sloppy handwriting and is full of Halloween spirit. 2/10

It's Raining Candy!- Although meant for the younger audience i enjoyed this more than some of the other games (even though it sucked). 4/10

Pumpkin Crush- An all right diversion. This game is a pedestrian but pumpkin hating version of Grand Theft Auto. 4/10

Ghoul Hunter- Would have been the best game if you didn't have to CLICK to buy more ammo. You should have assigned the "BUY..." function a button among the numbers. Would have been a lot more tantalizing and a lot less frustrating to the player. 4/10

Get Off My Lawn!- Would have been the best game hands down if it had more than two weapons and more than 3 trick-or-treaters(correct me if i'm wrong, i got to level 9 and became bored with the assault rifle). Oh yeah and the music only played on certain levels certain times. Is this a glitch, a decision (a bad one if so), or was i playing too fast?

Overall this was a pretty descent Collab. I hope to see another one next year with better and more fun games(kind of hard to wish for better graphics :}).

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Rated 4 / 5 stars


I'll go over the games in order:

Pico: Graveyard Shift-
I really liked the art for this game, especially the monsters. The downside, I think, was the level design. I loved the gravestones on the right at first, but once the purple guys start spawning, they become a death trap. the left side was pretty much a total waste. It was almost impossible to move very far very quickly. Also, the enemies, starting with the wave of "brain zombies" began to spawn way too fast to get them all, even with splash damage.

Candle Light-
Well, it kept my attention. For about the first six stages. It's pretty good, but I had to force myself to complete the whole game. Additionally, the graphics were kinda low quality. It would be cool to show the completed shape after all the candles were lit, because some of the designs were difficult to interpret (Skeleton Army, I'm looking at you). On that note, I must say that "Sign of the Devil" was really a coffin (admittedly with an upside down cross), and it should've been either just the upside down cross or perhaps a pentagram. Pentagrams kick ass.

Not too much to say here. I liked the art style, but hit detection was a little spotty. It would be good to have a moving background to help with the whole "moving up" idea. as it is, it looked like you were stationary, and the ghosts were falling.

Dark Depths-
For a game that lives and dies on the jump mechanic, it seemed a little unpolished. The jump meter was a good idea, but it was somewhat frustrating with the randomly generated platform positions. That opened it up to all kinds of cheapness, like about 4 double jumps in a row. The slow recharge speed of the gauge set too heavy of a penalty on mistimed jumps, and there was little reason to shoot the zombies.

Tower Climb-
Good job on this one, but the dead end was a little harsh, especially because there was no way to know from the bottom which way to go. The jump/fly meter (see above), is great, and puts a premium on jumping skill. Incidentally, there should be some incentive to collect candy besides points. Maybe it could restore energy, and you'd lower the overall restore rate.

Blood Type-
Hahahahahaha, yeeaaah, I get that one. That was clever. Puns aside, I really liked this game, maybe my favorite, mostly because of the awesome typeface. Well, if you were making it into a full-length game, I'd add something like typing words, or a movie influenced by your performance, but this is good for just a short play.

It's Raining Candy-
I think I've played this one before. It's called "Fire" from '97 "Game & Watch Gallery." It's probably from earlier, too. I didn't like it then, and I'm not going to start now just because it's two poorly drawn kids bouncing candy for their stash. Too good to eat candy off the ground? You're already taking it from obviously eccentric neighbors who could quite possibly slip in a few razor blades. At least the original made sense.

Pumpkin Crush-
This is okay, but extremely repetitive, and after a while, it becomes more about dodging rocks than crushing pumpkins. When it gets to that point, I really start to hate the slower control on the tank. In the end, most of the entertainment came from the tankman. I'll call him "Ichabod Crane."
I'll never get tired of that guy.

Ghoul Hunter-
Bah. This was kinda ridiculous. Firstly, you had to take your mouse off the screen to buy ammo. And secondly, lag. The end.

Get Off My Lawn-
Awesome. I like the concept, and you even built in upgrades/heals, which I didn't expect. The costumes were nice, but you know that ninjas are much much better than pirates. My only concern was that it was really too easy. Make harder enemies, or some that can attack from a distance. But, good job.

In conclusion, this was a bit of a mixed bag. Play "Pico: Graveyard Shift ", "Resurrection", "Blood Type", and "Get off my lawn", but make sure to give "Ghoul Hunter" and "It's Raining Candy" a miss.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


first i need to say, i love big collabs here, because when you review those, you have much to say! >:P

i start with Pico - Graveyard shift:
well, i have a "comming out" now i guess... im not a Pico fan! yes , thats right, there is one guy here on NG, that dont like Pico. Anyway, the game itself is kinda o.k. , but after one minute i got bored. i have also a problem with the flash files... they dont look like undead flash files in my eyes, more like green trash cans... 3/10

Candle Light:
Okay, if my "one word review" isnt good enough, i'll try to find more words for it.
the game bored me from the beginning. The idea was nice, but.. it was just no fun for me. the picture looked so lame, i mean just candles and a hand with a match, background black... the only real fun i had was after i finished a level, that this witch start laughing. (PS: this game kinda reminds me of a mini game from Wario Ware : Touched.) 1/10

well...this game was O.K. too, i dont have many complains about this one... the only one is ... after you got hit, this game does a strange freezing screen, and than it goes further, without a "3 seconds invinsible" bonus to get away, so if you were surrounded, you are f*cked. 4/10

Dark Depths:
where are my legs? the zombies have legs!
the jump-thing here was... well, i died to much, because i sucked at this 2-jump-thing. and sometimes, i couldnt land on one of the platforms. 2/10

Tower Climb:
well, this ghost kinda looked like a "Dad 'n me" guy... or ghost... whatever.
besides, why would a ghost hunt candy? and why cant this ghost fly forever? nope, its like a car, when the gas runs out. i need to say, this game was pretty funny. 7/10

Blood Type:
i hate this kind of game, it make me feel like im in school , not playing a game...
sry, but 0/10

It's Raining Candy:
this game was kinda good, but i got realy quick bored, because you only move from the left to the right and in the reverse. and... why is the man throwing the candy, why cant he just give it to them from the front door? and most of this candy was properly packed, why cant they just pick it up after it falls down?
i guess its a 4/10.

Pumkin Crush:
same thing like in "It's Raining Candy" : you only have to move left and right.
but... the good pumkins are hiding itself behind a rock, so to get those, you need to take a hit. and only brainiacs do that. i mean, come on! do you realy think, peoples with enough brain would kill themself just to get a better product?

Ghoul Hunter:
it would be alot easier if you could buy the weapons by pressing the numbers, not by cklicking a button in the bottom of the screen, which can lead to the victory of the enemys. the game is later realy cool, and it makes fun, but the "buy your sh*t at the bottom of the screen" thing just pissed me off, so you just get a 5/10.

Get Off My Lawn!:
... what can i say...? a bunch of stupid kids try to get candy, from a man, who hates halloween...
the logic here is.... awesome...
this game just hurt my brain, i mean... those kids are so damn dumb...
*sigh* the game gets pretty easy, after you get the Assault Riffle, but who pays you for killing childrens? 2/10

Every game is a mini-game i guess, and they lose fun after a max. play time of 3 mins for me...
i will give you 5/10 in the end, because i can see that you put effort into each game (graphics) and i hope, that if you make a sequel next year, that the games get better.


(PS: sorry for my bad english _ _)

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