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HEAT MAN Dr. Zaius!

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OK guys and girls, I was so happy that you all liked this, that it got the Daily Feature, survived the flood of Jealousy X votes, AND made it into the Megaman collection (joy!) that I finished it! It now continues on to the other part of the play from the simpsons ("You've finally made a monkey out of me") Hope you like it :P

Returning fans will like seeing the Plantette as Bart and Plantman as Homer (he looks like he has a beard anyway)

Once again, thanks to everyone for their reviews (80 is a new record) and votes :)

*UPDATE* If you liked this, you should go see "Megaman goes to HELL"

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Can't find megaman goes to hell anymore. can ya reupload it m8?

Wow, this was one of the first movies of 2002! I had no idea this was from "The Simpsons". I guess I just wasn't that familiar with the show at the time. The sprite work is done wonderfully here. The best part is how well they move. I should have realized this was from "The Simpsons" because of the credits.

I guess I just wasn't paying attention. This song is just so catchy. The best part is of course the end. That really is how a musical of "Planet Of The Apes" would turn out. I should have also realized this was from "The Simpsons" because of Homer's voice.


omggg I've been looking for this for so long hahaha. I remember watching this years ago.


Kewl, especially wit cutman.
heres sumthi else i would put, but even without it its cool
Cutman: u nearlky got owned by Megaman!
Heatman: Thanx 4 savin me
CM: you couldve beaten him badly! y u so dum?
HM: I dunno, mabye i gotta think outside the box


I love ligament theater