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The Halloween Party

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Author Comments

Happy Halloween Newgrounders!,

Today I'll be releasing my Halloween-based Flash Animation. It's basically about a boy who in which is attempting to host a Halloween Party but experiences alot of difficulties on the way. It was roughly created in about a week to be honest. I kept pushing it back, and back, today I stayed off from school and got around to finishing it.

It's not much. But enjoy.
Thank you.

(Sorry, for the buzzing audio problem, I can't fix that. Gr)

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Not the best halloween flash.

The "This is Halloween" you use to this flash is
made by Danny Elfman. Im a little confused why
my name is there.

Rudy responds:

Well, I downloaded the KH Version from your page.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/77944 :o

Besides the sound problems, great! :D

Sometimes the people were too quiet, or too loud like when the nerd says SHUT UP! really loud. But other than that really good!
If only u had multiple people doing the monster mash, instead of only one but still funny :)

Rudy responds:

ah, thank you.

Good artwork but animation needs work.

The art was great. Mainly due to the shading. Try adding some more lighting effects. Just a simple low set yellow to white gradiat works great. Color bleeding is good effect too. Figure out the most common color of the scene/shot then cover the entire stage with it and set the alpha really low. (Like.. 7-15ish) Adds a great effect as it's easier on the eyes for viewers.
Your lip sync needs a lil' work. The size of the mouths aren't a problem at all. I could tell the audio was off a bit at times. Just try setting the audio to stream or changing the flash publish settings audio bit rate down to about 46-56 and quality to medium. It's rarely noticiable and works great. Add a few more mouths. All I saw was the standard opened, closed, and teeth mouth. No "O" mouth.
Eye movements and body movements durring lines are good too. The one characters eyes and brows didn't move at all. Which gave a stale effect.
Also: For your shots. You instantly had a close up. If you don't have a Vcam I highly reccomend it. If you do but are simply just cutting to a close up don't. Zoom in even if it's a 2 second zoom. It's easy on the guys and holds the same effect.

And finally... Rudy you dog. You say you hate mullet but both those dude had mini-mullets goin' on. :3
Keep up the good work man. Your lucky to be young. Ya got more time to practice. :P

Rudy responds:

I tried to zoom in for the effect, but the Vcam made EVERYTHING lag when trying to tween it in and out which was my main problem. I'm trying to keep up the good work, and mullets are fairly acceptable... No, scratch that, they aren't. :) Hah.

I lost inspiration and just copied the same lip movements from other lines, I just didn't feel like working on it anymore.


That was really funny. Not really just enough to make me laugh. It's pretty good since you lost inspiration. The main reason that its a 8 instead of 10 is that guys voice was a little annoying and there wasn't much happening.

Rudy responds:

Yes, I agree not much whent on.

lol no

You watch too much family guy. "remember the time when.....? Remember last time you...?"
Work on your animation, va and story

Rudy responds:

Alright, D:

Credits & Info

2.50 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2007
3:41 PM EDT