halloween cand"E"

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Just a way of comparing candy with drugs with some Newgrounds famouse caharacters
i hope i dont ruin there profile... lol leave a review ill respond to all

please submit to haloween 2007 collection



This is obiviously not the best Flash ive ever seen. But! It's not the worst too.. Maybe a bit short, and animation was poor, but the idea was great. 8/10. You deserve it.

TTmp responds:

thks man, probably the best review Ive had till now...

Pretty neat

The animation was very half-assed and sloppy but the humor was present and it gave me a decent chuckle.

TTmp responds:

humor is the most important part so i thank u for it...

Ha, Ha, Ha!

The visuals were.... 50/50. But this was funny enough to warrant a chuckle. Nice.

TTmp responds:

thanks a bunch doode

choppy but fun

The montage sequence with the trick or treating was pretty funny. I like how the night progresses slowly into chaos. The only thing was that I only understood the idea of "candy" at the end.

The animation sequences are choppy. They get the job done, but the choppiness is still sticks out.

Also, at the beginning where pico meets his friends at the house, the way the tankman was leaning on the doorframe looked like he was doing some sort of sexual pose. But his voice sounded way too casual.

TTmp responds:

lollol i know tankman looked like he wanted up the *** but i swear i wanted to draw him in a relaxing position, good noticing though, i thaught that would pass by with no one noticing HA!

I could swear...

That i just saw this 2 days ago on here.

TTmp responds:

yea im sorry, i put it again because i forgot to put a link on it, sorry mate.

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2.74 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2007
3:19 PM EDT
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