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The Story Of Phil 2

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Less awesome than the first story.

This story of phil is kind of like a moderately successful comeback... phil 1 kicked ass. but the voice talent is still awesome. seriously. narrate for a living.

it was funny

but the first one was a whole lot better

are you going to create somthing similier to the story of phil?


But still pretty funny in some parts
That sound you made when you were saying goodbye made me laugh :P

And you've got a pretty fucked sense of humour, but that's alright

Oh My God!

You...this...I ... Let me start by saying: "You sir, are a god!". Theres no way I'can prais this movie enough! mayby not as funny as episode one, but still!!! I bow in front of you and hope that you will some day take me as you student and teach me the secrets of the universe.

I must beg your forgivenes my lord for my english is wery bad

Slintas responds:

I forgive you my child. And I thank thee for the humble words you have.... um.. thanks man =)


moral : don't try to suck your penis or you'll die of a bad coma.