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N00bKebob #28

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Happy n00bday everyone.

This will be the last kebob made by Queen. So double parts from me today.

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Kinda funny.

It was fairly amusing. The JoJo's Bizarre Adventure reference in Queen was really good and I liked listening to the menu screen music. Queen Again and Princess were okay, they were worth watching.

I didn't care for Veindigger at all. Violence can be humorous if done right, but that one was just awful. Sonic (?) randomly cutting off someone's breasts doesn't make any sense, unless you're referencing something that I'm unfamiliar with.

Regardless, if not for the Veindigger one, I would've given this a slightly higher rating. The randomness of this project is pretty entertaining, but it has to make enough sense for the viewer to get a good laugh.

Ooh yes

Not an instant classic, but still, pure Kebob madness and hilarity!

Happy Noobday to you guys. :)

It's been quite sometime now since I've reviewed a NoobNation flash. I was wondering where you guys were. Anyways, All the scenes in this flash were random and well done. Some were better then others but that's ok. I liked each and every one of them. The most random scenes were probably Noobqueens because it had a lot a random stuff in it. Plus, it was annoying... Other then that, this was a pretty good Noobkebob! Overall, this flash was great and I enjoyed watching this! Great Work NoobNation! :D

- 3.13 / 5.00 (+ 0.015) Voted 5!
-Your 232nd Voter!
-Happy Noobday guys. :)


N00bNation responds:

Hello, long time no see :P


Nice to see you are still doing some flashes ;P

N00bNation responds:

Well we havnt really made anything new for almost half a year so it was about time :P

heh heh lol

u were right annoying and yet it has a lot of humor in it nice