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TD: Jay's Trippin' Dash!

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Author Comments

Take control of Jay and guide him safely out of a bad trip in this side scrolling avoider.
This lil' project was ment to be a fun lil' thing made in a week. However I decided to use it as a means to force myself to learn Action Script 2.0. So after a month and a half of work I got her done. This is the first Duders game ever. ^^
Anyway you can probably tell and I will admit it that I half-assed some things. Mainly because I was focusing on the programming. This all was pretty much a fun lil' experiment to me. The API Scripted Cam that follows Jay is what I'm most impressed with.
So then... Enjoy the stupidity!
(Man... I made a lot of music for this...)
Hit the "Q" to toggle the quality.

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I have no idea wtf i was ment to do but soz duuude i got bored of the game in like 2 minuets and who the hell is this jay fella the silly person cant walk fast u need to make the thing more viewabul but becaues i am a nice guy 9/10 you dont dezerv that

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Yeah, it has a few problems. Check out the other duder toons/games. This one was more of an experiment to just figure out how AS works.
Thanks for the review.


Yo! ^^ i havent really played the game yet but it looks alright and the effort u put into this was (most probably) well worth it. im jus writing this review cos im bored, but what the heck, heres a 5/5 10/10 anyway. =D

peace, ChEwY

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Thanks man. ^^

all my fiven belong 2 this!

you code this yourself? if so i envy your coding ability (im just learning how to do myself) i still havent got the extra yet so i guess i gotta keep playing xD

the music was qualiy! (some of which im off to download now :P)

keep up the good work!

TheCriminalDuder responds:

lol I just whipped up the music at random for the levels. :P
Yeah, a month and a half of coding. Best way to learn is to take a self crash course. :)
Thanks for the review. I needed this.

Better than Hentai Time by far

I liked this one a lot more than Hentai Time. Again, simplistic, but with more work put into it, I suppose. I really like the unrealisticly high jumping - I like games that do that. Like Halo. It's very useful. I almost thought that by the slowness of the character's walk that he wouldn't have the momentum to jump some of the gaps you put in, but the high jumping definitely compensated. The one problem I had, and I mentioned this above, was the slowness of the controls, although it's possible that it's only because my computer is a bit of a turd.

TheCriminalDuder responds:

When I play the file on my computer he moves quite fast, sort of a light jog. However I was worried about the natural lag of the upload. Thats why I added quality control. If you hit "Q" the lower the quality the faster he moves. I have a good computer so he moves fast but it still lags.
I'm glad you noticed the jumping. I always liked those little touches in games. Like the Halo example you used.
I was thinking of changing the programming and making him a higher speed. But that would be reprogramming over 3/4ths of the entire game.
Anyway thanks. I enjoyed your review.