Clock Invaders *game*

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Hey Hey i am the new clock crew member that actually makes real good games and movies....

I just mucked a round a little and came up with this wicked space invaders game that everybody will like ....

I gotta bunch of my games in folders and im up loading them now =)



I totally agree with jose, expect that this shouldnt even have a right to exist. I mean,
not even are the soundfx and grafix horrible,
it doesnt even end when u beat the enemies(not
that that would matter anyway)The clock crews
quality just broke trough the bottom.

Why make this?

Holy shit this has to be the worst flash ever made. The graphics suck. The sound was even worse. This kind of 15 minute made flash doesn't even deserve to be on newgrounds. I take that back, it doesn't deserve to be on the internet. For god sake its only 25K. You have no talent as a flash artist. Go to school and come back when you know how to make a game over 100K. You deserve to be in the clock crew. Horrible animation with no point. HOW DO YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO WRITE "VOTE 5" on the top of the screen. Do you think that telling us to vote five on the top of the screen is going to get you a good vote?

ummm bad

not a good game. horrible sound and limited amusement. sorry but it sucks.

It was a good idea, sort of, but NO!

I don't know what that guy was thinking what gave you that good review, but this "game" as even you call it is just a movie with two frames in it, and a beep. If you actually made it into a game that'd be something, but this is just another way to hype clocks. This offends me....

Newfound respect of clocks... rising...

It's actually not that bad, the only space invader game i've ever been able to complete. You should keep working on it though, at least have the game do something when you kill the last clock, and add in harder levels. A good effort all the same.

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1.81 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2002
6:53 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed