Blow The Whistle!

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WARNING: CONTAINS FLASHING LIGHTS IN SOME PARTS! They aren't as powerfull as to cause a seizure, but who knows what may happen. If you have light sensitivity, watch this animation at your own risk.
Wow!! NG Parodies collection? Awesome! Thank you for suggesting it!
And, thanks to the NG staff too!!

Well, an animation at will be enjoyed the most by the older users (and the not so old ones, like me) (it means the time you have been on newgrounds, not your age).

This animation was going to be only a loop ,but it ended up being longer (it's almost 1:30) but still loops.It's pretty funny,I think...and also, RANDOM!!!!

If you like random things, you will love this. It may also be kind of educative!

Art and Animation:
Andres Gonzalez (AKA Androu1) (me)

Blow My Whistle by DJ Alligator Project

PS: Excessive Explicit Text because of the random reviews that appear in a part.
WARNING: CONTAINS FLASHING LIGHTS IN SOME PARTS! They aren't as powerfull as to cause a seizure,but who knows what may happen.If you have light sensitivity,watch this animation at your own risk.


Pretty good.

I liked the song. But you could've done more with flash itself. And it looped. The light were not that flashy, and that's good. People generally do not like epiletic seizures. All in all, good NG parody.

Androu1 responds:

It IS a loop.I can't stress it enough.And yes,I know the lights aren't THAT flashy to give epiletic seizures.But,still,I think it's good to warn people about that stuff.

And,thanks for the review :P


hahaha i love it and the graphcs are great

Androu1 responds:

Thanks :P


fucking awsome!!

Androu1 responds:


very entertaining

nice garbage whistle transformer also. lol

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Androu1 responds:


good everything

it has very good graphics (and is educational LOL)and is nice 4 people who hav problems with flashin lites so it nice u warned unlike most people

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Androu1 responds:

Thanks dude.

About the lights,some say they aren't flashy enough,but I want to be on the safe side for my mental safeness.Just thinking of making someone die or something because of flashing lights in a little funny flash would make me feel sad...unless it was an emo or annoying person...

It's good to see atleast one review that apreciates the fact that I warn people about the flashing lights.Thanks dude.

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4.27 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2007
10:49 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody