Swept to the End

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A dark action-adventure game about tragedy, loss, revenge, and the emptiness thereafter. A fast paced sidescroller with an unfolding storyline set in a magical world. A simple woodcutter is taken by a black wind and gets swept off to the end of all things.

All Music by MaestroSegments and XGM-Zeth.
A walkthrough is available on my userpage.


first review in a while

lucky you! this is my first review in a long long time!
I will try to be brief yet helpful in my four focused area:

this is my favorite kind of art: simplicity. You still show lot of passion of emotion and story in even simple, yet powerful, usage of graphic.

again, simple yet very effective. I wish that there is in-gameplay music to bolster the atmospheric image of your game, but it didn't seem to be a necessity. Nice design choice.

I do some problem in this area and need to express some frustration within the gameplay. The gameplay of horseriding battle isn't perfect and can lead to lot of frustration. I do NOT enjoy having to replay the forest area and rising of the dead areas because the enemies attacks are often felt cheated and overpowered, leading to horribly cheap deaths. I managed to finished the entire game, but that's because I forced myself to play to see the entire story and after finishing it, i see NO lasting value within gameplay, which made your game felt bit weaker than it should be. Shame.

nice job on the very simple plot which you managed to keep it emotional and deep. I also truly enjoy the NON-happy ending, which is truly sombering. I cannot imagine myself losing my best love. Thank you for the story, it really touching.

nice job on the overall game
You deserve the fair respectable score of 8/10
hope to see your next work!

-Soullock the Submachiner

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SecretSecretary responds:

Wow what a review, thanks.


Well made. A litle bit addicting. I haven't got the time to get past the hounted forest but I have to say that it was a good game with an interesting (original) story. Nice one.

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SecretSecretary responds:



Simple graphics were very nice, sound worked well with them as well.
My only real problem was that enemies quite often took off a great deal of health with a single blow - wolves, for example, occasionally took down four or five blocks in one leap. This seemed a little excessive.
Other than that, I liked it. Well done.

SecretSecretary responds:

Yeah my coding isnt perfect at all yet. Glad you liked the game!

Great Game

it had an appealing story and the game itself was fun

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SecretSecretary responds:

Thanks a lot.

I love the story and the plot

Make the control less clumsy and your good to go, my finely featured friends.

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SecretSecretary responds:

Friends? I'm only one guy. Anyway thanks for the tip.

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3.93 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2007
4:02 AM EDT
Action - Other