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CatFat Teaser

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Please! more reviews, i need the feedback ;)

So yes this isn't my best work i agree, again it was a speed animation that i did casually without
haste. (contradictory words there :S)

NOTE: The sound quality is quite poor, but the reason for that is that i dropped my mic in a glass of water when recording the bubbles, the actually series will be recorded with a new better quality mic. It may pop and crackle at times, those are intentional though they aren't meant to sound quite like that, they were meant to be beats, but then again the broken mic didn't pick it up well. Also the voices may be not of the best quality, again because of the now redundent mic.

NOTE: This animation was not intended for halloween, though since i finished it in time and it has that slight horror theme, i decided to give it the halloween preloader, just for a laugh ;)
This is only a trailer for the upcoming series CatFat, which is the reason i started Flash animation.

CatFat has been around since 2004, where i ran a successful underground comic business, so nearly four years later, i feel that CatFat has developed enough for me to make an animated series woohoo!

The episodes will be higher standard than this, i was only making this animation as a warm up and to test animation techniques. Other than that i would not have made a trailer.

Happy viewing! :)

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lololol could barrly hear, but that's just cus it was so horrible of quality. lol good try I cant make jack in flash

it is cute
cute work


Funny Cat Fat Seems Quite The Character

CatFat responds:

hehe thanks, i plan to do him justice in an upcoming animation :D

Well Done!

the background,the water,the "black thing" all these stuff was perfectly made.

But,i think that you could have done much better with the character drawing,and i dont mean it was ugly,it was really cool.

But from what i´ve seen before the character appeared i can tell that: YOU HAVE the talent to make this character perfect as everything else!

CatFat responds:

Hey, thanks man, i think i understand what you mean ;)
The episode will be out in about a week so please review that too, i'd love to see what you think of that one in comparison ^_^

Really nice

The animation was incredible, but you really need to step up your game as far as audio goes. I couldn't hear a word the cat was saying, and the heartbeat was really crackly.

CatFat responds:

Thanks, yeah unfortuneately i had no idea about the brps rate in the export settings to adjust the quality, but well i know now.