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Take the role of a medic officer on the field, performing new-found surgical techniques. Perform four different surgeries using 11 different tools. Get your patient drunk with alcohol to numb the pain, then go at it! Similiar to Trauma Center, if you ever played those games (which I recommend :)). This game is extremely violent, so heed the several warnings please.
Developed by: Armor Games Inc.
Programming/Art by: jmtb02
Music by: MaestroRage
Controls: Mouse
*This game is processor intensive. It may lag at times, but note it'll be okay. If it isn't, then change the quality during one of your surgeries.
*The more drunk your patient is, the easier it will be to keep him alive. Get some liquor into that guy.
*Accuracy is important. Be fast but safe.
*The game has an auto-save feature, so there is no need to make it all in one go.
*Read the instructions for each surgery... you cannot move on until you finished the instructions.
*9 MB load, pardon the wait.

***Dancing saw bug is fixed. Thanks Cherban :).
***2nd Dancing saw bug is fixed. Thanks everyone :). Clear your cache and reload!
***Thanks for Front Page :) :) :).


i've waited so long for this...

wow just amazing thank you very much for a awesome game as such this is, i know like alot of people who are fans of this have waited long


very great preformance

this game made me sweat:P
great game:)

Love it!

Very fun game.
I love the gore.
Make more like it.


Ha what a genius game! It's just like Trauma Centre but more brutal! Loved it. I nearly puked at the bit with the maggots though. Bleuuurgh! 10/10 for all aspects from graphics to music.
Oh! If you want to get the pain achievement, complete the last level whilst being less than 5% drunk. :)

Asome well done.

The sound is good. The gameplay well designed the only flaw is It takes a few trys to figure out how to saw your leg off in the last level. I think you did a good job with this game. You should redo this game. I'm not saying this game is bad But I am saying your talent is quite good and it's just disapointing that there are only 4 levels. And I like the fact that you live if you beat the game. just short 1 leg. But hey Not a bad way to live. I mean your not paralized from the waist down so your life after the war won't be that bad. But All it tells you about after that level is you get high honors and a medal from Abraham lincon. Not bad but If I had your tallent I would have put in a cut sene showing what's your fate at that point. Like if you do a real good job saving lifes you get a ending where you meet a good looking girl at the party and life happily ever after "Atleast as happy as a 1 legged guy can." With great respect. And that there should be 2 alterintive endings where if you beat the game with lowest possible scores that you don't get married but just get drunk at the party. and that if you do somewhat decent "Avarage not too bad or too good." You meet a less atractive girl at the party and live with less respect." Personaly If any guy has the will to saw off their own leg to live I believe they should live happly for the rest of their lives for that. Anyway As I said you should make a longer version of this game. And I see you try to avoid modern medic times. Like the older version is medevil and this one is civil war. I know a person in history you should research for a dark cut 3. There was this roman doctor who was a surgion that was a better doctor then most modern day doctors. He had costom surgery tools that Are identical to modern day medical gear. He even used devices of torture for healing uses. He used a Rack to treat broken bones. If your leg was busted he would hook you up to it with leather instead of chains and tighting it up till your broken bone is striaghtened. He also was the first doctor in history to realize that lead will kill you. And he managed to find proper ways of treating injuries that took over hundreds of years to rediscover. And He spent the last years of his life researching a cure for cancer. He didn't find it. Died before that sadly. I forgot what his name was but you should research him. He could very well be the main charactor for your next dark cut game.

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Oct 22, 2007
2:05 PM EDT
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