Portal : Still Alive

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IMPORTANT - this is not lazy artwork but a spoof of the artwork from the portal trailer and training videos, i didn't do it just cos i couldn't be bothered, i did it for effect :)

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=oeUjVkJ7seY <--- it's based on that

I made this in one day because it was such simple art work, but that doesn't mean it was easy, i still put a lot of effort into this,

the song is not mine, and the ideas and concept are not mine, they both belong to valve, the animation however, is mine :)

song: 'still alive' - Jonathan Coulton
it is also the song from the credits of 'Portal'


Its great. I love it. I want it for my ipod.

Can u make a download link on mediafire or a download link on any site. i wanna download it to my ipod. its great. ill tell all my friends. Please? Respond. I really want it. :)

Oggy-cheese responds:

Lo. Sorry I made this ages ago and I don't actually have the flash file anymore so I can't get a video version of it.


well you did get some of the words wong like fire insted of pile and gun insted of start :/

Oggy-cheese responds:

No I didn't. Check the lyrics.


Well people this is a good video and I watch Freeman's mind, Barney's mind and Shephard's mind ) This was the awesome Video I ever seen!

Good flash

i have the game and i won it and when you win you hear that song and on the main
menu theres the cake sitting on a table.

Poor freeman

Valves dissing black mesa in half-life.Anyways i love the artwork its wonderful how you made the portal trailer guy in there and made it so good.I give it a ten beacause i love it.

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Oct 22, 2007
1:27 PM EDT
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