the person drawing tut 2

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Ok its back number 2 evrything works also more faces and swords section
oh yeah: theres a extras section even if it is rubbish
EDIT: bug menu takes you to preloader as i added pre-loader at the end the buttons where ON RELEASE GOTOANDPLAY(1) not that but you get the picture
EDIT: jesus f'ing christ i get you dont agree with my styles it may be a bit simple but yeh im 11 and not many people have a scetch pad for there comp i only recentley got one before i did this and not many people can do shading i HATE doing is for god sake



Wait a minute, just think. I would rather have newbies drawing this instead of a hand drawn stick man in black and white and crap like that. This is not the best drawing tutorial, but it could still help a few newbs.
Plus, instead of:
use gotoAndPlay(2).


I think you need to take a tutorial in how to draw people.

How many people do you see with a sideways nose, grissing thier teeth in a perfect oval?



Too bad...

This was just too bad for submiting ist.
You have no clue of drawing. There are hundrets of tutorials which are definitly better than this here.
What you tried to show the people here is nothing what they couldn't do by themselves. So this is nothing more than spamming crap.

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i think you need to use a tutorial yourself if this is what your people look like.


why didnt u just use the circle tool to make his face, drawing a hexegon and pull out all the lines, is longer

if u want to make how to draws, get ideas from mine

but you need to improve on your drawing first be4 you make these tutorials

Carry on with what your doing... when u practice more

idiotfish responds:

its how to draw more like a detailed face not a crap one it makes a bit more detail

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Oct 22, 2007
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