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EW Halloween Special

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EDIT #1: Thanks for the Daily award and Frontpage!
EDIT #2: Also thanks for the Ninth place in the Halloween flash competition! It really means a LOT!

Edd and friends have a suprise visitor, an axe wielding maniac!
After much work my halloween flash is finished, I hope you all enjoy it!

For more eddsworld flashes visit www.eddsworld.co.uk!

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Watched as a kid, and now that I'm an adult still found it funny. Old internet was the best

Danny (offscreen): Hey, Edd! Think fast! *(throws pumpkin at Edd)*👻🎃

I was probably about 6 when this came out, and during that time, my cousins were living with us. And trust me, they were obsessed with this! I miss those times when we all watched these together.

Very spooky, I love it, not only for the gore, but the end, and not just that, there’s more I could mention in a blog, anyways, it’s great

I love it and the return of Eddsworld made me to make a account!