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My entry for the Halloween 07 contest that was also inspired by a weird dream I had (long story). Not my best work, but I had fun coming up with the voices and sound effects.

EDIT: Cool, it was cool being on the front page for a minute. And here i was being happy with just winning The Daily Fourth prize. I'm glad most people seem to like it.
However, there seems to be a lot of confusion about how a certain hillbilly survived a somewhat serious injury. :)

Zomboy obviously isn't your typical zombie and more of his origin and abilities will be revealed in future episodes. Consider this the pilot episode and expect some changes along the way.
Thanks again!



that was pretty good and the part when the zombie gets hit with a barrel made me laugh good job.

I like it, but...

Hello.. Voodazz?

I like your "first" flash wich is kind of scary. I really wonder how did you made this on your "first" try? Although I find it hard to believe its yours I still think its nice. I am sorry IF it is yours but come on? This as first flash is real nice. Anyways I give you my 4 and a fat 8 as score.



Voodazz responds:

I never said this was my first flash, but it is the first flash I've submitted to Newgrounds. I'm glad you liked the movie though. :)

Halloween in Texas?

Very cute story :) It kind of sent me on this odd roller coaster, though. From eerie to funny to.. well.. somewhere in between.

Really good!

This was a really good movie! I loved it, funny, smooth and everything... but this wasn't bloody, there weren't much violence... and I gave it a 3 because of a REALLY bad ending, and how the fuck did that redneck survive the gunshot!?

it was kool

i thought it was pretty funny with the redneck and all
but i thought i was a little unrealistic how he was still alive after being other than that
good job

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3.95 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2007
4:39 AM EDT
Comedy - Original