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Nightmare Coal Clock

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Nightmare Ned was a game that came out in the 90s for PC. This is a reanimation starring good ol' Coal clock. I'd like to say that without Zombie Lincoln, Coal and Snake this wouldn't have been possible. You guys are awesome!

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i dont get it

Twist responds:

I don't understand it = I hate it!

Awesome flick

The graphics were a little lacking, but since this movie was ENTIRELY in FBF I don't really care about graphics. I like the last scene where coal was falling. Actually I haven't heard of Nightmare Ned and I don't play horror games so...

Still, great work there. Faved and collectioned.
- Bolty

Recommended for Halloween collection.

I think I can agree with all the other reviewers here - the style had a certain unique flair that was very effective, if a little dodgy at times (I wasn't a fan of some of the wispy lines, when the appeared). The fact that you appeared to use very little animation tweening is also a bonus.

Outside of graphics, the storyline was fairly good - certainly above average, if not perfect, but it was a rendition of an old horror game, so that's expected.

Totally Awesome

This was so great, man. You used a TON of frame by frame and though it was somewhat simple graphics, it didn't matter. You kept me totally into the Flash.

The voices were great, the story was really cool and believable (for a ghost story) and the only thing I can say is fix your replay button HIT area. In the HIT frame on a button you decide what area people will click, so make a big filled-in square that encompasses "REPLAY" and people won't have to click on the little lines you used to write it.

Great job, man! Oh, also, often I could see the white background at the edges. Maybe fix that, too?


Very nice. The style was simple but it had alot of spooky motion to it. This was really cool! Good Job Poltergeist