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Video TEST "Choclat Milk"

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Bernie-Buddy.com may be on the internet, so i thought i make a video player for the video section of my site! This is a Chocolate milk animation made COMPLETELY by me! In a video player i made ENTIRELY! Sorry, but there's no audio... THIS IS JUST A TEST TO SEE IF YOU GUYS LIKE IT!

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very bad. i rarely give zeroes, and only to spam and really terrible flashes with no effort, but i came close with this one.

good points:
- not terrible animation

bad points:
- video format
- no sound
- no plot
- again, immature concept
- short

I did

Very nice I hope you use this video player bar more in the future.


It was good, it really was, but when you submit flash don't submit it just because it's a test on whether or not people will like it or not. I mean you do possess skills, but you don't know how to take your skills and make great ideas. Before you continue onward I suggest you revise this flash and add sound to it. I also suggest you find a writer to write material for you to animate.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Video
*Great Animation

|| Bad Points ||
*No Sound
*No Story

Boring and simple.

Its just a animation of making chocolate milk way to simple.

bernie-buddy responds:

Click the 'Watch this movie' button, you're supposed to watch the movie before you review, obviously, also, welcome to newgrounds! hope it's gonna be a nice first day for you!

not interesting

needed sound, needed comedy, needed alot of things.
think before you post.

bernie-buddy responds:

Not EVERYTHING needs comedy! >:(