Dikino and the deamons

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It took a long time to make this movie, please watch it and serius rewevs. Sometimes its funny sometimes not but it is my first movie so please dont bann it before you have seen all off the movie.
i know the graphic aren`t good but it was my first movie and it loock craysier if i change the graphic in the middle of the movie.


I give it a 5.

I only gave it a 5 because of effort.

When ALOT of time and effort is put into a film, great things can happen. This could do better if you spent time improving the graphics and adding some more sound effects.. The music fit is well. "One Winged Angel" will always be a favorite of mine. For improving the graphics, i suggest maybe a Wacom Tablet, it makes it a WHOLE lot easier to draw. If you started on the basis of this film, believe it could go somewhere, but i personally dont get the story. I believe you put a solid effort into it, but there is a lot of room for improvment. I voted 3.

All in all

Biggest disapoint was the graphics and animation. You had a coherent story, decent characters, nice development. It was very strange, which I liked. All and all, cool stuff. Check out my flashes too.

From all its strangeness...

Its a Unique movie. Since youre a newcomer and a 1st submission you've made, you can improve a lot on this, TRUST ME, TRUST ANYONE! If not, then, hey don't worry about it! From the movie itself drawings were crooked and not enough strength to hold it. Colours were nice and a good setting for this movie. The music should have come in as soon as the movie had played in but a decent piece to use. Overall would like to see a better submission soon. 5/10


for your first flash that was good, but try animating your chracters movments based on your own, study how you walk, climb ropes, ect... Also the graphics need lots of improvment.


One Winged Angel doesn't make everything good.

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1.79 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2007
4:07 PM EDT
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