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The Madness Box 2

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Author Comments

PWN,still short,but better than the other,and have AN ICON!
The Madness Box returns,bigger,better,and with Windows Media Player Play/Pause BUTTONS!
Now with better buttons,The Madness Box continues,with Portal Guy and HL² Guy must fight they way thought the darkness to get something....JUST KIDDING!
Watch and see by yourself!
BTW:The Blue Guy it´s Portal Guy,and the Grey Guy it's HL² Guy!:D
ATTENTION:If the text soo fast,use the Pause-Play Buttons to read it,don't write bad reviews because of that,and SEE ALL THE FLASH BEFORE DOING ANY REVIEWS!
Enjoy :D
Oh and pick some popcorn to watch,thought it stills a bit short :3

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Hah this is funny

this is cool but make it longer and with that add all three games i think portal would be funny! :D


LOL nice! I love Half life2, ep 1 and 2. Gravity gun.. lol. I liked the ending, when Gordan said: YOUR PC SUCKS.

Kingpanda responds:

thanks :D
Yeah man,even my old good pc can run The Orange Box,he pc must really damn sucks XD
Well maybe on the next one i will do references of Ep 1 and Ep 2,as soon as i finish them,if there is going to have another on :(


Still quite a lot that can be improved though. First off, those buttons styled a la windows media player looked a bit crappy, their background doesn't match the black bakground behind it. You should break the bitmap or something. Would be nice with a different font than the default ( Times new Romain I think ) as well. The plot itself is great though, very entertaining! Keep these coming!


Kingpanda responds:

I will do that,as soon as i find out out how i change the DAMN FONT!><
I am from Brazil,i don't need to know everything about words in English,and i can't locate the DAMN FONT!><
Anyway thanks for the sugestion,you earned,A VIRTUAL COOKIE!
You PC can eat,you don't!:D
Have fun!:D
And thanks for the review!^^

ive sawn better

needs more action, etc. A flash isnt good without alot of action, suspense, along those lines. also, if u want to get good reviews, add sound. i found it mean to make us REAAAAAAAAADDDDD!!!!!

Kingpanda responds:

It have sound!>>
This no REALLY Madness,just a parody,there is no need for action,just for jokes!:D
Anyway,you earened a virtual cookie!
You PC can eat,you no!
Thanks for the review anyway!:D

Lol, no

Grammar was horrendous. Also, you need to stop tweening. The plot was bland and this just dragged on.

Please try harder. Work on graphics, a good plot, and animation.

Kingpanda responds:

Now i find a review i can't just be happy about,or even follow the sugestions,if you wanna something FBF,ok,i will try to get better!
Can't you just understand,if i wanted to make a REALLY GOOD MOVIES,i would train,i would do FBF,i would get better on English(i am from Brazil!),i would draw this graphics MYSELF!But it's crapp,it's crap to be more funny,and if you just cares about the story and the style of animation,and don't actually cares about the JOKES,that's the perfect recipe to make a crap funny movie,but with very good jokes,look like REAL CRAP,that are these SPAM flashes!
Then one day someone will look at this same flash,steal the flash's jokes,and then put in a flash with GOOD animation,then everyone will think the jokes were good and ORIGINAL,but in fact it were form other guy that worked to make the DAMN joke,but he is the one who used the joke firstmand don't even got a bit of credit,and like now,someone might make a flash about VALVe's The Orange Box,but someone will put me in the credits for being the first to make The Orange Box jokes?Someone will credit for at least START this jokes,i din't start HL² jokes,but i started The Orange Box jokes,sure the first The Madness Box,even i agree it was REALCRAP with no jokes,but it makes a bit on this one's plot,so i left and don't delete it,but i am proud of this one and this one's joke!You can say my example of "Stealing Jokes" just happned a fell times,or never,but i STILL GOT A DAMN POINT IN THE DAMN PLOT!It's just funny with no SERIOUS plot,you can watch Maximum Ninja if you want a plot,but no,this was my first answer and last one!I will not dare to start a fight with someone that stupid to don't see that the jokes were the REAL MAIN THING!
So bye,and thanks for killing some minutes of your time to write your review!


Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2007
6:25 PM EDT