Tmnt: Rebels 4

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omg, with months and months without sleeping, and with help from the swain, here we show you the best movie in newgrounds ever.

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ooooooooooooooooooooookay then...

Wait, I don't get it. How was this Adult? There was no nudity whatsoever. There were censor bars on their penises. It was at least nice to see Krang's body. Well, I wanted to see Krang.

You shouldn't make it loop. It just wasn't even that funny. At least the animation was good. It was easily the worst episode. Too bad this took months.

kinda funny but the rest is stupid

ok man i know the other videos are stupid as in funny but this one had no effort in it its shit just let quimera do the rest of the seris


Umm, You do know that Toonimated and Quimera are pretty much the same people, right?


This is a let down from the first three episodes you should have left it to Quimera to make the 4th episode. I don't even wanna watch the other episodes.

You truly have destroyed this series.