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Come Outside!!

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EDIT:: Well, after a nice brief stint on the Front Page, it's back to the portal grounds.

Hopefully more people will still come by and drop a review; as I love getting them.
Anyways, thanks to everyone for their enormous amounts of support!
-bowbow- I'm not worthy~~~


Another 24 hour Flash, except this time I kinda sorta tried. Still learning the ropes of Flash, so hopefully it all runs smooth.

As with my other Flash, the audio was recorded first and inspired the animation. The said recording was also produced from Boredom and is something I do almost every day. Not as funny or as random as I would've liked, but it brings a smile to my face nonetheless. Voices are once again both mine, as I love talking to myself.


..if you can.

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This exact same thing happens to me,

Except I live right next to my friends, so they knock on the door and I have to talk to them. And its funny, because sometimes he bugs me to bike down to burger king with him and threatens to go without me.

great little skit.

FoxCoon responds:

Wow. A lot of people have been able to relate to this.. but not so much for the Burger King part of it.
..Now I'm hungry.
Dammit. Dx
Anyways, thanks for the review; glad you liked it.

awsum flash!

thats funny! I have freinds like tis also.. they call me at 4:00 AM to see if I have the term paper thats due in like a day! great flash.

FoxCoon responds:

Heh, thanks for the comment.
But holy crap, 4:00 AM? Are these guys nocturnal?
Heck, even I'm asleep before then. And I'm a crazy person.


Im totally like that guy on the other end

FoxCoon responds:

Not a lot of people would admit that. Hence I commend your honesty.
But don't call me.


Short and awesome, just how I like it!

FoxCoon responds:

This review made me hungry for cake. :0


lol, i've gotten calls like that..
for totally stupid reasons, like a red rock (dont ask)
nice vid

FoxCoon responds:

A red rock, huh?
Well it's not as odd as hunting for loons.
They're a slippery lot, loons.
Thanks for the review!

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4.38 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2007
10:43 PM EDT