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Awesome Video Games Ep16

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Ace and Chet attempt to execute their plan to put an end to R.O.B.s STRANGE BEHAVIOR.

YEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Today is R.O.B.'s BIRTHDAY! Come celebrate with us at FFSTV.com with the finale to the GYROMITE SAGA!

Believe us... it is INTENSE.



not ace curse you R.O.B curse yoooouuuu!!!! cool movie with an awesome cliffhanger can´t wait for the next one.

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wow, cool

that was really full of action, and maybe a part of agony, since its bad seeing that ace was caught on trying to close rob off. sems bad, how he will get away from this terrible trap? i hope tha chet will help out! lol, i like the series, both of you are very cool, nice job, cant wait to see the next

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Very nice.

I was surprised with the production value in this episode. The camera work is excellent and professional worthy. The effects and shots are all perfect and set the scary R.O.B mood. I love it. Keep it up.

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This was done really well but...

It just lacked a decent plot, humor, and violence? There could of been something.... but i cant say it was bad... cant say it was good. I dont even know. Just... if someone reads the reviews before they watch, take my advice and dont watch this because thats like 6 minutes you'll never get back. And you want that 6 minutes huh? Think about it, you can still watch it, i mean im just a person giving an opinion. but if you like live action watch it. but... if i were you i wouldnt. And to the artist, at least i gave you one star. for your effort. you deserve it.


I don't even know why you submit this here. I mean, it's not a video website. It's about flash. Anyway on with the review.

I didn't really enjoy this. The acting is okay, I'll give you that. I don't need fucking Tom Hanks or whoever to come and entertain me. You guys do just fine. But in the end, even is the acting is passable, I didn't enjoy this because I simply did not laugh. I maybe smiled once of twice, but I didn't really lol.

I can enjoy a live action vid on NG even though it's not the place to, but when the quality of them is as low as this, I feel like NG is becoming just another place for people to dump their crap. I won't give this a low score because it's live actio,, but because it sucked. Work on your humor, guys.

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3.77 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2007
6:50 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody