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Bloons Tower Defense 2

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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Oct 18, 2007 | 3:47 PM EDT

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Author Comments

We had a huge response to the first game, most people seemed to have lots of fun despite the game being fairly easy by most td standards. We've added 3 new maps, one for three difficulty settings. We've also added a new tower type, the boomerang tower, as well as some new 'on track' items: Road spikes and Monkey glue. A sequel wouldn't be complete without more bloons of course, and we've added 2 nasty new types, the lead bloon and the rainbow bloon.




Rated 5 / 5 stars


awesome strategy game one of the best on newgrounds
Keep up the good work


Rated 5 / 5 stars

So addictive i started smoking to wean myself off!

This game is for some reason, one of the most addictive I have played in a while.

Maybe its the quirkyness of exploding balloons with cannons, perhaps its because it contains many monkeys who fire potencially letal objects...i dont know.

BUT what I do know is, is that myself (and my co-worker) have played this for several days on the go. No emails, no random internet search for funny pictures...nope, just Bloons.

Very good game, VERY, addictive and also very very challenging in the later levels ^_^ Congrats and keep up the good work :)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Dont play this game. Its too addictive. I cant stop. Please lord, take me. take me now

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actually, i figured out a way to deselect. while you have something like road spikes selected, simple click on a tower. this causes you to select that tower, then you can just click anywhere on the ground to deselect that tower. although having a cancel button would be rather nice...

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game

Awesome game! Beat easy, medium and finally after about 4 tries I beat hard mode!

My advice on beating hard mode:

Cannons with upgrades explosions are awesome. Each blast may not only hit a part of the road but also the parallel road against it. So considering how packed the roads are with balloons in hard mode, you're hitting like a dozen ballons each time. Buy several of these cannons. Only bad part about the cannon are the black balloons (more on this later).

Early purchase tips: My first purchase was a cannon in the upper left corner. Its useful real early because it'll be shooting at the left wave immediately than later on it'll be getting the right wave. By round 3-4 you should have the money to buy a dart monkey, place it so it can reach both balloon exits and the intersection of both roads. I had mines so that the monkey had enough range to shoot twice at a balloon exiting the right road. My third purchase was another dart monkey near the middle right.

After this I pretty much focuses on cannons, however you still have to buy a couple dart towers just to hit the black balloons. Spread them out. Also I used 2 ice cannons myself. I didn't use the super monkey or boomerangs.

My most important tip. Monkey glue is a terrific item. Through like the first 20 levels I'm using it as sparingly as I can, hoping that my weapons can take care of the rest. For the rest of the game I'm pretty much using as much I can so every balloon is slowed. ALWAYS use it right at the entrance of the map because it slows down the balloon and each of its lesser forms for the entire map (at least it really seems that way..), so if you use it in the middle of the map basically your only using half its effect.

Also tips on dealing with black balloons: they're real dangerous because although a good amount of time your darts can pop them, every once in a while a herd of them will get unpopped and sneak past your cannons. Besides spreading out dart towers, to combat this use the dart traps to pop them so the cannons can get them. I usually let the black balloons get halfway down the map before I resort to this because they're a lot slower than yellow. However if they get that far I don't hesitate to drop them on every black balloon I see.

Well that's the basic strategy I used and it worked for me.

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