Army mission

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Game: Andrew Mayes

Animation: Andrew Mayes

Music: twisted reflection
happycore strikes back

Sound effects: a1 free sound effects



Decent idea.
I liked the explosions.
Too annoying how one wrong decision and you have to start again.
Buttons should be cooler.

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good idea but having to start at the berining each time i make a mastake sucks and so does this game.

A lot of Boring.

But a good game.

Some potential, but...

Perhaps this wasn't the best format to use for this kind of "choose your own adventure" style game. To be honest I stopped after choosing "shell" and being told i was wrong. For instance, let's say I am playing a scorched earth style game, i could choose 45 degrees and put less or more power accordingly. Where as here i'm not free to use my own style, and it feels a bit restrictive. Furthermore, I might note, that the slow restart pace (3, 2, 1... go) adds to the frustration that a potential player might feel if he selects the wrong option. The music annoyed me, personally, as well, but i don't chalk that up to your fault, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and suggest that it just wasn't my style. I certainly wouldn't say this game was bad, i loved that vietnam commander game (can't remember the exact name) that was on newgrounds a while back, it was set up in this style, but i think the options have to be more logic and strategically oriented.
I would encourage you to put more practice in to your flashes, work on some animation, and then try again.

Very strategic :P

It would be better with more advanced graphics and gameplay. If you could aim the cannon yourself instead of just chosing the angle that would be great. It's a nice start though, keep workin!


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Credits & Info

2.11 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2007
3:04 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed