Happy Birthday Nick!!

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The audio has been updated so it sounds a whole lot better than before!

A little late, but we are all still celebrating Nick's birthday! IT HAS BEEN GREAT :D

Happy birthday NickScott!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I reply to all reviews!

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Your score is 3.14! Funny also.

harryjarry responds:

I hope Nick likes pi for his birthday!

I sure hope he was grateful!

Nick didn't look too thrilled at the start of the flash showing those teeth of his like he was ready to pounce! I saw hope those hot guys on the left won him round with the amazing dancing skills and soothing voices. I would love to hear them sing all day long! I loved the graphics on display here as well as the most superb animation. Once again you did an absolutely superb job with the music! I don't think there is anyone who could top you when it comes to that!

harryjarry responds:

I think Nick must have been a little scared of what he might open! We always pack him a great surprise, and he knows we would never let him down! We always try to sing him happy birthday each year, but the past few years we haven't been able to put them in a flash form-real life has worked okay though!

I always put the music in that seems to fit right with me. I am extremely happy to see that others agree with my heart :)


Well, this is an epic flash.

Nick seems pretty happy about it.

harryjarry responds:

Nick was VERY happy about it. NickAbovescoreAwesome.

Belated Birthday Review :3

Before I start into this review, I want to say that you are the best friend ever! Only you, Joel Brandom, can pull off a great flash like this. Like PantyWipe said on your userpage, being in a HJ compiliation is one of the great things in life. The same can be said about your super duper admins on your site! ;)

I feel kinda bad for putting review this off so much, because it was meant especially for me! Sorry!!!

I'd also like to thank JewDudeWTF, Simon, Muffin and the rest of the HJ crew for helping. They are co-authored so obviously they helped a whole lot!!!

I think the flash perfectly captured the real me. It looks just like me! You got my messy hair, agnryfaic shirt and all. You are looking pretty sexy, though you should really get a tan, yo! And I thought your hair was black (looks dark brown)! My room is actually the same as the light-green background color, which is kinda creepy; stop spying! The fireworks effects on the presents are neat. I wish my presents in real life would glow!

Your singing is fantastic, you've gotta release some new tunes to the Audio Portal. IF YOU CAN SING "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" THIS GOOD THEN WHO KNOWS HOW WELL YOU CAN SING "TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR". DO IT.

It's too bad Simon and David (jewdudewtf) couldn't be there for the party... maybe next time! But I'm glad Jake could be there for the big party because everyone knows he's the coolest on Newgrounds. He's probably not smiling cuz he knows who has the best birthday colab (me!).

I wonder what the presents are! Maybe it's a stereo, like what Afro_Stud got. Then we could jam to some of my Modest Mouse faves! I can only assume the other presents are admin status on HarryJarryDotCom or some ice cream (I love ice cream)!

This was my best birthday ever! I love yuh too! :')

harryjarry responds:

YOU ARE THE BEST FRIEND EVER TOOOOOOOOOOOO! The super duper admins are great, I have so much respect for them!

It is alright, sometimes you have to put things off for a bit, I do it a lot so I am fine ;3

The rest of the co-authors said that they greatly enjoyed making this flash, I remember asking them all if they wanted to participate - it was unanimously yes!

I took a lot of time trying to fix your character up to look just like you, it was well worth it! Maybe someday I will look into tanning, but I'm not sure!!! My hair is actually dark brown, although a lot of people tend to think it is black - even in real life haha. I did have to use my secret spy-cam to get your room color ;) I hope your presents next year will glow!!!!

I have thought a lot about putting out some more tunes for the audio portal, once I get a Mac I will definitely be in business, but now I am trying to think up some cool stuff. Maybe I should get a cover going for Trogdor!

Simon and David really missed out! If only they could have made it. Yes, next time they will definitely be there! Jake was thinking ahead and cleared his day just for your birthday :D

You will have to open up the presents to find out!!! They might just be EVERYTHING!!!!

I am glad this was your best birthday, I can only hope that next year will top it! LOVE YUHHHHH <3333333333


your a good friend but... animater? *insert comment here*

harryjarry responds:

I think the word you're looking for is awesome.

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