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Update 17/12/07 - FRONTPAGE'D! Amazing... been aiming for frontpage for years! NewGrounds got me into Flash in the first place (back when Flash 4 was the latest version!). Thanks NG Staff and anyone who voted!

V1.4 Uploaded... a few bug fixes, etc

Weekly 5th placed game? Thats pretty good! Not bad for a first game (in a few years at least). Next game will be front page! (its good to have a target!)

Daily 3rd place? Awesome! Thanks voters! And thanks for the gleaming reviews! Makes it worth all the stupidly late nights trying to get the game finished! :)

Gravitee is basically golf in space! Using [tweaked] Newtonian physics, get the ball on one planet through the gate on another planet. Gravitee boasts 20 achievements to complete, 4 types of medal to earn, 10 rounds and 20 unlockables. A short in game tutorial will run you through the controls. And all in less than half a meg!


(almost) perfect...

well i think it's almost perfect and SOOO addicting... BUT... i need MORE MORE MORE levels!!!

hi man

wow thi is a wonderful game
it is very original, nad the graphics are very good (but it is too difficult)
Continue like that

good idea

that was a good game really interesting and the idea was good ......... but make it go faster with the ball sometimes

Very good game

Enjoyed this game alot, however one improvement i can suggest is maybe making it so the firing is defferent. rather than hold and release make it into hold releast to aim, then press fire button. The amount of times i accidently clicked and released only to waste a shot to fly 2 milimeters is nobodys buisness. Other than that. Great game =)

It's very good and incredibly well made...

My only problem is that the mass of the planets are almost irrelevant when a star is added to the mix. The star's gravitational pull pretty much always pulls harder regardless of the mass of any other planets. One instance is in the Starburst cup: While a planet has a mass of about 350 and the star has a mass of ,I believe, was the mid 200's the ball always veered towards the star.

If you meant for it to be that way to increase difficulty, that's cool, but that's my only complaint.

Other than that, awesome job!

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4.22 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2007
5:00 PM EDT
Sports - Golf