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Update 17/12/07 - FRONTPAGE'D! Amazing... been aiming for frontpage for years! NewGrounds got me into Flash in the first place (back when Flash 4 was the latest version!). Thanks NG Staff and anyone who voted!

V1.4 Uploaded... a few bug fixes, etc

Weekly 5th placed game? Thats pretty good! Not bad for a first game (in a few years at least). Next game will be front page! (its good to have a target!)

Daily 3rd place? Awesome! Thanks voters! And thanks for the gleaming reviews! Makes it worth all the stupidly late nights trying to get the game finished! :)

Gravitee is basically golf in space! Using [tweaked] Newtonian physics, get the ball on one planet through the gate on another planet. Gravitee boasts 20 achievements to complete, 4 types of medal to earn, 10 rounds and 20 unlockables. A short in game tutorial will run you through the controls. And all in less than half a meg!



I was destined to hate this game. When I first started playing it I was like... damn, this looks kinda cool, but then I was all... damn... this is too easy... by the time the suns got involved I was like... ha.. thats slightly frustrating... and by the time the game was more than half over I was like... this FUCKING GAME SUCKS!!! >:( And why? because the gravitational pull makes no sense! >.>

The suns... all though they have less mass... always seem to pull the ball in no matter where you hit from, and as a person that goes for the best in games (platinum in this case) it made some of the levels just too hard, if I didn't get platinum in a level, I didn't advance because thats what I wanted but... the damn suns... nothing else infuriated me like those damn things.... urgh...

Nice game

Nice and easy going game,you should make more.Good Job

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Good stuff

Not bad b obobking17 has the stupidest comment i have ever read clearly he just sucks at this game haha

nice work

Gotta love the gravity. gold in space is so much more fun. nice gameplay and sounds.


but I dont know why this is rated higher than part 2, wich has a way better feeling overall and held me much longer

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4.22 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2007
5:00 PM EDT
Sports - Golf