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Although the Lag has been fixed for good, this Flash is now obsolete. Thanks to the Flash Wizardy of KartuneHustla, there's a new and improved slice of Justice Cake to be served fresh from the Oven of Diligence!

...the link is here:
http://www.newgroundsDOTc om/portal/view/405767
This is what happens when you have a day to kill. This is my first Flash, and since I'm new to it, I've had plenty of issues with sound sync.
Anyways, it's not perfect. Hell, I don't even think it's all that good.
But the whole BatPrime thing amuses enough people that I figured I'd do something with it.

The voicing is all my own, and although I don't consider myself a voice actor, I love doing impressions and seeing what I can do with my voice. If I hadn't recorded this session.. I may not have made this Flash.


..If you can.


fucking loved it!

hahahah your style and emotions are flawless even for basic sketches...GREAT STUFF gave it a 5

FoxCoon responds:

Flawless might be a bit of an overstatement, my friend. But I'm flattered nonetheless. xD

It would have been nice to have som color

but totally fix the sync (heh) and try not to have your voice like a nail to a chalk board.

FoxCoon responds:

Nail to a chalkboard as in.. loud, annoying, or tingly? I was shooting for annoying, but tingly works just as well.

not a flash

this is not a flash and was crudelly drawn
i suggest you use a real flash program and try to make real drawings also your sound was not verry good you need a better recording program and better people who know how to controll their voices

FoxCoon responds:

I love you too.


PUT THAT ON THE FRONT PAGE!!! WOOOOO!! That was hilarious, really it was. =)

FoxCoon responds:

AHA. It wasn't that great. .__.
But thanks for the kind words. XD


It seems that the audio is a little out of Sync here during the beggining to the near end, but goes back to normal once at the end. Apart from the Audio, very good movie!

FoxCoon responds:

I did finally fix the audio, but the remake's out now, so.. kinda pointless, huh?

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2.69 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2007
8:50 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody