Plasma Ball

October 16, 2007 –
January 29, 2019
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Update[10/20/07] After long debugging hours, highscore should work now
Update[10/19/07] Fixed goal(does not spawn off screen); fixed borders(players cannot leave gameplay area

please vote and review

I made this game in honor of the newest release in the Halo series, plus, I haven't made a game yet, pretty simple, please review, high score might not work



To be honest this was not that great, there could be more you could of done with this. For one you could of made it more challenging. There is no threat in the game heck if you made it that the plasma ball had a set timer on it or it would explode if you didn't get to the rings in time, also having only 3 balls than that would of made it a bit better. Next time put some more threat in the game.

Esta bien

lo puedes hacer mejor. pero si es un juego bueno.

English: you can make it better. but it is a good game.

P.s. Hi paisa!

<deleted> responds:

Omar! Great to see you criticizing me! La migra.....!

good game

I like it, it is kinda like king of the hill and snake mixed together.

<deleted> responds:

Why thank you, my good man.

It's okay.

Improve the graphics a lot, add a difficulty feature (maybe easy being 4 seconds, medium being 3 seconds and hard being 2 seconds), music and sound effects to heighten the experience. The idea of just sitting in the goal seems a little weird, make it so you enter the goal and it moves giving you 1 pt. A combo multiplier and power-ups also may improve it a lot. Good concept, bad grapics. 4/2.

work on the idea

hey man for some improvment put in gravity and a fuel tank so that the charecter has to fight gravity and fuel supplies. also some fuel tanks to go with it.
some techno might sound good with the game.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the ideas!

Epic fail.

This game is flat out bad. Why this would be called "Plasma Ball", I can't imagine. It had nothing to do with plasma or a ball. This is not "honor" for Halo, it's a disgrace. The only part of the game with any quality is the stolen picture in the background, and you even manged to ruin that by using the first picture you found on Google images and swishing it to fit your canvas size. There is no purpose to the game at all. I hope to never see another game from you again.


The only person that could like this game is someone that plays atari pong for the last 20 years and then see this .....its horrid PLEASE do better next time like maby...

The name of the game is PLASMA BALLLLLLL not CUBE ._. why is the ball a cube? makes no sence....and why is there a halo background? i see its in *honor* of the new halo but um...what does this have to do with halo in anyway shape or form? o.- if your going to make something for halo then make somthing simmalr to halo or a movie or somthing...not somthing that has no point or anything what so ever interesting .....

Please try MUCH better next time and put more then an 10 minuits into the game :] ty



at least make borders so the target doesnt go off screen. that happened to me twice.

Not good

this game is not very fun it is very boring and dull i do not recomend it

This sucks

This sucks, not much point, the ball a and target go off screen. ThIs sucks srry but this RLY sucks

Not good at all.

It wasent thought up well, and it aint a original idea. ALSO, you didnt put in any audio or REAL game play. To say the worst, it basicly was a waste of 5 minutes. Srry, but dis wont pass the grade. MABEY, if you improved the graphics, put some music in there, it might make it. You need more work, and I bet you can do it. IT was a good consept, but you didnt deliver on the game play. Ill give you a 2 out of ten because it has the halo background. I LOOOOVE hALO!

Serious bugs.

The goal spawns off-screen fairly frequently, so you can't see it. Also, the ball can go off screen and continuously go forever, so you could lose it if you attempt to find these invisible goals.


Very good! I especially liked it because...... I GOT FIRST PLACE WITH A 1340! YAY ME! Anyways, you could really do better by making levels, and you need _______ to pass the level, and once your there, make like a shop for 'speed' upgrades, this could really be one of the best games on NG if you work hard on improving it!

Good LUCK!

hahahaha stupid glitch

i got over 1000 with 23 seconds left all thanks to right click play


I like it, the graphics aren't spectacular but the way the game works is great! Makes me have to pay attention. Love it ;)

not so good

well you need 2 make the goal stay in the area that you can see every 2 or 3 times it switched it went off the area you can see gotta fix that mostly and then music and levels other then that its great


What you should do is make the player a person, not a block.
Lets not forget the music and SFX!
Keep trying though!


it´s funn, i did like it, and yeah, HALO 3!YEAHG!SUPER FUCKING COOL!OOOOOUUUUYEAHEIFGHOÑTROJOTYJTYJE R54576495T8'4+0OT'345´P+!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well, just needs these:
better graphics
sounds & music.


It seems like a good idea, but I noticed when I started, I couldn't press Play. I could only get to the game via Manual. Once in the game, nothing happened, expcet the Level Timer counting down!


Please try to fix the fact that you game does not work!


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