Half Beard

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Edit again: Woah, front page AND weekly sixth place! Not only that, but the score is the highest I've ever had on any cartoon. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! This rules! NG, Mr. Fulp, fans, you guys are awesome!
Edit: Daily feature! Awesome! Thanks to all the ones who voted on this, it's greatly appreciated!

Siblings episode 4: Half beard
Rob shaves half of his beard off in an effort to quicken the shaving process. Johny must try to keep Rob from embarrassing him, which proves to be a difficult task. Containing insanity is never easy.

About 5 months in the making (only 3 of which were spent on the creation of this), this 6 minute long cartoon is the longest episode I've made thus far. There are plenty of extras and a big scrapbook, so if you don't have 10+ minutes to spend going through everything (if you like doing that anyway), you should wait to watch this until you do. Due to all the stuff I put into this, the file size is a little on the big side. Sorry about that, but it couldn't be helped.

Oh, I almost forgot, there's playback control hidden on the bottom of the screen. Hover over the bottom of the screen to reveal it. It's like Pop a Cap's playback, but more advanced, since you can tell it to skip ahead or behind any number of times (up to 99), go to the scene select menu, or turn the subtitles on or off at any time.

And for those who didn't notice, the 'happy' and 'scary' choices in the beginning only change the menu background, not the cartoon itself.

Hope you enjoy. Leave a review and tell me what you think.

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Wow, awesome!


I really can't find anything bad about this flash either...
It looksgreat... it has a story, which is totally insane so also perfect... and of course it's the funniest thing ever :P

Favorited this flash :) Awesome!

10 / 10! Keep it up... Looking forward to REVERSE GOATTEE! ... Neveeeer :)

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just plain funny. I am tempted to try this myself.

Bobert-Rob responds:

It's good fun, really. Especially if you enjoy getting weird looks and people thinking you lost some kind of bet, heh. Nope, no bet losing here, I'm just nuts! Thanks for the comment!


This is Amazing work... Haven,t laughed that much since i first watch "burnt face man".
Any way you've earned this ten, and your into my favorite artist. good luck with Up coming episodes, ill be sure to watch ;)

Bobert-Rob responds:

Awesome, cuz I got plenty of ideas, my friend... plenty. You should check out the preview to episode 5 if you haven't yet, link is in my news post. It'll give you a taste of what's to come...! AAAH! Thanks for the review!


I enjoyed it!


Bobert-Rob responds:

Cool, that's what it's there for! :D



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Oct 15, 2007
9:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Original