SRPG 2 (Upgraded)

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Coming soon to www.StickRPG2.com !

Movement: Arrow Keys or WASD
Attack: Left Mouse Button
Walk: Space Bar or SHIFT
Amazing graphical stlyings courtesy of XGen's 'Stuart Hart'

This is an upgraded version of XGen's old demo. It is now more interactive. You can choose how many enemies you want, 1-10. This will keep track of how many kills you have gotten.

Their is also a map editor, where you can make little maps. Once you click on Map creator, just right click to open up the menu for adding tiles and saving it.


This is fully XGen Studios. Jared just made it better :)

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Much better.

I like it my keyboard fixed. Not 10 although...


when you spawn the enemies come pouncing on you like a freakin tanker from l4d

Good, but...

...it's not the best I have seen of these games. But its better than that demo version.

This is good, Better than that Old Demo

I like it because im tired of those people on "Stick Arena" Calling me cheater. They just don`t know who there are messing with. This is also good because its a practice and you can Just get Better And Better! So if you hate People calling you "Cheater" "Hacker" And "Noob head" And "You just hack the game noob" And you dont Hack, Than come on this game! Also i give 5/5 10/10 because it`s better than that demo with only the bat. I made a map called "The Arena" I put All weapons and Diffrent Arenas. So i like it alot. Thanks SharpRyno. Your the best Game Maker!

This is realy fun!

(Oh ya, I'm tired of these a** holes calling the "AI", "CPU"s! CPU: Computer Prossing Unit. AI: Artfishal Integelngets. OR, A ditgal nonliving interactive, non player player.)
Ya, this game is stolen, teckanaly speeking. but, teckanaly speeking its a MOD also. So lets just say it a MOD.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2007
8:08 PM EDT
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