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Sphere Core

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I have updated the game to include text clues and tooltips, which should hopefully make the puzzle a lot less complicated for people not using a walkthrough :)


Hey NG, this is my first game, but I have more planned if this one goes down well!

It is an escape the room, point and click based. Navigate around the room by clicking towards the edges of the screen. Interact with objects you find by dragging them onto areas that they may be used.

This adventure will test you to the limits, your ability to recognise and work out the secrets of the puzzle will ultimately decide whether you succeed or not. If you get stuck, keep trying to interact with objects, or look more closely at the room, all the clues are in place, it is just simply down to whether you can recognise them or not!

Good luck, there is a walkthrough available which I will give the URL to if people are getting hopelessly stuck. Please vote fairly on the quality of the game, I have put a lot of work into this :)


Remember, there is no door, there is no help, only you and your mouse! Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery of the Sphere Cores?

Full walkthroughs of all my games are available on my website at: http://www.powerabuse.co.

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There's a glitch where if I drag the screwdriver from the inventory, the panel does the dropping animation while still unscrewed. The worst of it is the glitch is spammable.

I thought I was doing well. Hot core in but stuck on the cold core and the 3 digit code. I hate using walkthroughs. Aha I knew the wallpaper had to be there for a reason. Progress made but now stuck on Robot needs MORE power. The greedy so an so.

I completed the game quite efficiently after a few tries. I took 4 minutes to complete the game, previously was 8, it was fairly easy for me, the most complicated one will be the buttons on the alien controller, took me quite a lot of times, but was able to get the hang of it, I must be the only person that commented 9 years after this game had been released. I apologize. I can't really provide a detailed walk through yet as I am not too efficient in completing the game. Awesome gameplay. Not too challenging for me.

There is a glitch

When I placed the glass of water and the 1st core into the electron thing, it worked.
Then to the 2nd one, didn't happen anything. So I turned right, then turned back again, the screen stoped for a little while, then the 2nd core appeared but not the glass of water. Refreshed the window then tried again, same thing...


This provided hours of fun and challenges, I enjoyed this game very much. Most point and click adventures are non original. This, however, is very original to me and I've enjoyed the time spent on figuring the puzzles out. Good game play, sounds were very neat and the story does lack a story in general but good with the mystery.

Good work and keep it up!