Thamesis - Episode 5

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Welcome to the city of Thamesis, capital to a kingdom divided....

Once the seat of power for an ancient, all-powerful monarchy, much of Thamesis is now run by the influential Britomart Corporation who use their seductive psychic technology to exert control.

It has become a city of torn loyalties as its inhabitants choose between life as a subject of the Crown or a Citizen of the Britomart.

Meanwhile down in the inner city streets, beyond the reach of either power, dangerous outlaws have successfully hacked Britomart's technology for their own gain, boosting its power exponentially. Some use it only to escape their daily grind while others maliciously spread terror on the streets.

As the city plunges towards civil war, can anyone bring order to the streets of Thamesis?

Episode 5:

The fate of Albion now lies in the hands of the boy-king Jonathan of the Rose. The events of today will change his life forever.



best episode of the series yet. cant wait for the finale, although it seems kinda short for this series. hope u make it longer!

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nicely done..

nice work ive seen the others .... however i was wondering why was they attacking the big guy? didnt the new king want him to be there?

or is it a trap? tell me!

I gave this submission a vote of "5" again!

Like Shadow from Sonic X says:

Perfect as alwaysssssss...........!!! "A"


the last episode so soon, oh well it had to end sometime, great going so far, such a beutiful style, LOVE IT, cant wait till the last one

I didn't get it

I really thought the script was almost non-existant and there was nothing to it, just sceen shots mixed together. Very unique but very boring at the same time, too much of an art feel to it. Reminds me of the toilet seat in the art gallery.

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4.09 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2007
9:00 AM EDT
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