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Hard Of Hearing Man

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Just a 20 second short I did last weekend.

Concept and voice of Hard Of Hearing Man was done by my cousin, Stuart.
Hard Of Hearing Man theme by his band the Frank Richard's Experience
Art, animation and voice of Doug by me.

Hope you enjoy it. Tell me what you think but don't tell me it's short cause I already know that.

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thats hilarious..a little short tho, but the funny-ness makes up for it lol


I have an idea for other episodes in a series of this. You could make it that the hard hearing man is going to a bank and he hears a gunshot from a robber and thinks its a dogs bark and tries to pet the gun lol.

KidneyJohn responds:

Hey, that's pretty good.


That was hilarious! It could never really be a series or anything cause it would get boring quick, but for a quickie, it's great.


That was great. If that's what you can make in one weekend I would love to see what you make in an entire week. Good job.


That is hilarious! OH GOD! Please let me know when you upload an entire episode! HAHAAHA! Everything you did was perfect...sound, animation, sumthin, EVERYTHING!

KidneyJohn responds:

I really don't think there's much more to add to it without repeating the same joke over and over again.

If anyone has any ideas though, let me know.