Bumper Buddies

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This is a small little flash,
if you don't like "anime" or "chibi" then it'd probably be in your best intrest to just not watch it.

Granted, this isn't exactly the best animation, but it's a short fun little flash that people
seem to enjoy. The song is quite catchy which is what draws most people.

If you need to write a bad review, please explain why...
If you reply with "This sucks cuz it's an anime ripoff" I just won't bother answering since Ive
already said you shouldn't watch it if you don't like that kind of stuff.

Also, I normally don't take reviews seriously unless the person reviewing has actually created a flash
insted of just wandering NG looking for things to blam to raise your voting power or whatever

And yes, VGC is incredibly late, long story behind that, lotsa stuff happened, if you care, goto deviantart and browse through my journals



i have watched this every day since it came out^_^ it is awsome!

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Very nice.

I love scrubs, basically one of my favorite shows. This was a good episode, but enough of that. The animation was beautiful, and has a definite charm to it. I love chibis/animes, always have. I have a lot of friends as well as myself, who draw like this. Though it was a treat to actually see somebody take it tot he next level into an animation. Good job.

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(calmy says) awsome awsome to the max!!!!!

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XD I loved this episode, and I loved the characters, except I think that the person playing Misses Miller (Blondie?) and the Janitor could've looked better. But then again, these are your characters, not Scrubs X] I think the animation could've been better though, but I still loved it. I can just imagine how long this took to create...I tried creating a flash and it took so many hours...just for like 10 seconds ><. And to get the voice acting nice and aligned was hard. I love the "Bumper Buddies" part X]

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WOOT CAKES A SCRUBS FLASH!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!! lol JD got pwned at the end.....


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4.22 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2007
9:42 PM EDT
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