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Eskimo Sonic

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One day I just had a strange thought. I said to myself, "What would it be like if Eskimo Bob an Sonic were combined?" Update: I gave this movie a lil graphics boost, enjoy.


o my god!!!

the main reason it was so cool was that i love the song open your heart is's so kick ass and great idea too though!!! CONGRADS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gasq responds:

I think I see a trend here...make a movie incorporated with a song people like and BAM!...A crappy movie is not so crappy! =D


Wow! This was so kewl! I love it! Now I wanna be an eskimo! God Damnit T_T I can't be one can I? No really it was a really good flash and you put alot of effort into this and its kewl. You should really make more :)

Gasq responds:

...Calm down alright? I don't want to get sued because my movie gave someone a stroke.


that wasn't that funny, but it did make me smirk

Gasq responds:

Aghem...this wasn't meant to be "funny". This was meant to be the greatest artistic masterpeice the world has ever witnessed! Unfortunately it seems not everyone appreciates art. ::leers::


ok this is a grate moive now mix sonic and dbz now thats funny ^_^

Gasq responds:

ROFL!!!!! yah its liek an awsum moovie lol. DBZ sucks.

Plz Send Me that Awesome Song!

Very funny movie, if you have the time plz send me that song when Sonic changed into super sonic, try to at least ^_^
P.S.:My email is www.mariopc9@hotmail.com

Gasq responds:

Get Kazaa you lazy bitch. Its the theme song to Sonic Adventure. I dont have the file, and if I did the file would be too large to send anyways. =D

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3.42 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2001
9:32 PM EST
Comedy - Parody