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Mario And Friends Goof Up

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I have great news! My dad is going to let me use his computer to make the movies! Before that happens, though, I have to put my sprites on my flash drive. Be expecting more movies soon!

Warning! contains sprites. A cow, world 1-1 of the Super Mario Bros., and Bowser. All the rest were hand-made by me. I'm sorry, I don't have a preloader and it loops. I really can't do any thing about it because the free trail ended for my flash maker. And the thing costs 700 dollars! This movie does not contain any blood or bad violence or adult stuff. It's for every one. Sorry no credits in movie! here are the credits:
Voices done by me
Custom sprites done by me
Song from VGmusic
Sound effects from THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM
Special Thanks:
God & Jesus: For creating the universe and everything
My Parents
Nintendo: For Making Mario and Yoshi
my frends
ADOBE: For Making Flash
AVG: For keeping my computer clean
And you for watching(if you did)
Disclaimer: Everything is copywrite of NINTENDO

That was the first time I ever made credits...lol

I hope you enjoy it and laugh.

(NOTE: The movie ends when the screen says game over)



It must be a slow day here at newgrounds I mean come on. really. What happen did the clock crew take a day off from making flash. I mean at least they have some type of comedy... somewhere. This however looks like someone jizzed on a computer and called it a cartoon.

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i can understand that flash can be hard to learn, but that just so bad. put some more time into practice next time before you do anything else.

Very nice

For being only 13, you did a great job. I certainly couldn't have done something like this. Good work! Keep practicing!


That's good news about your dad letting you use his computer to make movies. Damn that trail on that flash maker.

Your sprites were really good, dude. I barely noticed those small blue outlines on the home-made ones, not to mention the copywrited ones.

I'm really glad to see that somebody, for once, chose not to put any blood, bad violence, or adult stuff. This site was practically made for Christian pre-teens! Kudos to you. And to God and Jesus for making everything, as you stated in your credits. I like how you put the credits in your Author's comments section rather than in your movie. I think they're better that way.

I think this is one of the better Mario movies. But where are his friends?

Good luck to you, your parents, God, Jesus, and your flash maker trail in all your animation endeavors. This movie shows that you have a lot of potential. Keep making them and posting them here. I guarantee people will love all of them. Heck, overload the portal with them.


That was awesome!!!!

Man that was great!!!!! The voice acting was perfect, the plot flawless and all the extra material!!!! Of course voted 5!!!!
Thanks for the explanation at the end!!!! It answered all my questions!!
And that extra material at the end, aaawwww man was the most funny shit i've seen in newgrounds!!!!!

I love it!

And im so glad your dad is gonna let you use his computer!!! so now we can see some more of thissss!!!!!

You are the next Adam Phillips! i can see it!

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1.45 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2007
9:00 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody