Awesome Video Games Ep15

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YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! That's right Dudes and Dudettes, Ace and Chet are back with the next part of their AWESOME adventure!!!

By popular demand... we have hidden some EXCLUSIVE NewGrounds bloopers! (psst... they are hidden in the bushes)

Remember... you can click the tree to start the movie early (if you have a fast connection you should be able to start it right away) and you can also use it to skip through the movie.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Get Ready for R.O.B.s birthday, October the 18th! We will be releasing the finale to the Gyromite saga, and an AWESOME tribute to the little guy on his special day!

Stay Tuned!


does this count?

i always thought you could only submit FLASH animations on NG. this definately aint a flash but it was funny because of the horrible acting. i will check out the others


You guys left Screwattack for NG? k...


Big loss because of the lack of Flash. Like the grammatically-retarded fella a few reviews below me stated, this isn't YouTube. I mean Im new to AVG so its ok to me but it's not uberly fantastic. You do some cool stuff in terms of showmagic but really thats it. Ppl dont even want to review this and despite the score it received front page going on a week?

Additionally, who says awesome any more? you're supposed to wear a heavy sign saying "I said the word" if you do =)

Lastly, I want a Rob too =(

sidenote: greedy shmicks..? what were you implying,.?


what a ridiculous attempt at a Bill & Ted spoof... It's not even funny


The first few of these you guys did were worth a decent laugh - namely, because you actually talked about a specific video game, your peeves about it, and "how to beat it" (meaning, how to be a retard, but it was funny).
Now... not so much. You just pull out a random game, then do some stupid (and not so funny anymore) shit that doesn't even really pertain to that game. I really think you ought to go back to the trend you had going with the first ones. Those were fun to watch.
Oh, and "Ace..." what's up with the stripes in your hair man? lol. Let that shit grow back in... this isn't 1988 and you're not black... lol

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3.68 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2007
5:04 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody