Awesome Video Games Ep15

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YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! That's right Dudes and Dudettes, Ace and Chet are back with the next part of their AWESOME adventure!!!

By popular demand... we have hidden some EXCLUSIVE NewGrounds bloopers! (psst... they are hidden in the bushes)

Remember... you can click the tree to start the movie early (if you have a fast connection you should be able to start it right away) and you can also use it to skip through the movie.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Get Ready for R.O.B.s birthday, October the 18th! We will be releasing the finale to the Gyromite saga, and an AWESOME tribute to the little guy on his special day!

Stay Tuned!


Very funny

I think that this one was definitely funny! I still love the naive nature of Ace and Chet.

I love how a guy who's username is "BOOBS" is calling you immature.

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A lot of people seem to have difficulty understanding that these "Awesome Video Games" episodes are MEANT to be the way they are.

They are spoofing old video game TV shows from "back in the day". The camera is deliberately being swung around like that and they are deliberately saying "dudes and dudettes" all the time. They are simply over exaggerating the style that was prominent in that era. It's a joke, they are taking the piss out of something!

And I find it pretty damn funny.

I don't see how some people can miss the point of these videos and criticise things that have been deliberately done.

Whatever, I thought this one was pretty fun. Not as good as ROB's debut though.

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this is just the kind of humor that i look for, as my buddy an i are hanging in our AWESOME basement, playing some totally kick ass VIDEO GAMES.

you guys won my attention from the very start.


u guys were 2 slow, which is why r.o.b killed u in the game. He actually does want 2 kill u in real life as well which is funny as.


I like this movie keep up the good work.

FarFromSubtle responds:

The next episode is INTENSE!

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Oct 12, 2007
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