The Snapshot Killer

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My entry for the Halloween Contest. Lights out and sound up for maximum enjoyment! :D

I'll probably turn this into a series.
Thanks to John Hodge (carlhyperweevil) for doing some of the voices.


that was pretty good!

everything about it was flawless.... other than the lightning, remember light travels faster than sound, there should have been a slight delay but is was still pretty good, cant wait for part 2!

and as i was writing this review i wondered how they found out who the murderer was and this thought hit me! was it because he accidentaly had the tip of his finger in the photograph and they like computer anaylased it to find out who it was? you dont need to give the answer to this in the reply to the review incase i ruin it for further veiwers, just pm me ;)

Dasneviano responds:

Yeah, now you mention it I'm kinda embarassed I didn't notice the thunder-lightning thing... But oh well, can't be bothered to fix it.

As to how they found out who he was, you'll have to wait! Huahuahauahuahuh (evil laughter)

(I'll make sure I remeber to PM you when it comes out!)

Write a script

This was a great creepy flash, but I really think you should develop it into a movie script. I think the premise is that good.


Woot, I really liked this one. Nice graphics and sounds. And the atmosphere is really good, you can almost smell the thrill ^^

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Dasneviano responds:

Hey, thanks a lot! That was what I was aiming for! :D

real good

This is a good animated film. I like the pacing and the lighting and everything, but I don't really like the ending. I look forward to the idea of a killer and an investigation and the possibility of a chase to come.... but ... Why do so many cartoons on New Grounds end with a 'to be continued'? I mean, I hope it goes somewhere interesting in the next episode, but more often than not there never is a second episode.

Dasneviano responds:

I can't be 100% positive there will be a sequel, but I'm pretty confident.
Just gotta finish a game I'm doing.

great job

that was actually a very creative intro to what seems like it could b a good series.
I liked the idea and the animation style was original, but the only turn off was that it was short. I look forward to more, keep it up.

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3.87 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2007
2:38 PM EDT