The Snapshot Killer

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My entry for the Halloween Contest. Lights out and sound up for maximum enjoyment! :D

I'll probably turn this into a series.
Thanks to John Hodge (carlhyperweevil) for doing some of the voices.


Loved it

This was so good, I didn't want it to end. I really like your style of animation and your weather effects were very cool. I don't know how to do all that yet. I definitely like the premise of this movie, you should definitely go through with your idea of making it into a series. Good job and rock on brotha.

Dasneviano responds:

Awesome morale-boosting review!
Thanks a lot!

the crazy ways people kill each other

first he takes a picture of u then he kills u
whats next, he licks u then he kills u!?
anyway, good job i like the suspense but put a little more and dont overdo it. it's still good the way it is though

Dasneviano responds:

You know, I actually like the licking idea!

Awesome movie.

Awesome movie,I thought it was great.But the guy below me obviously can't spell at ALL.

Dasneviano responds:

Hehehehehehe, indeed, he didn't get a single word right!
Thanks for reviewing! :D

Snap !!! i killed you !

nice style, nice flow of the story, but the thing i liked the most was the photo in the ending, a true artist face !!! :)))
carzy people making art

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Dasneviano responds:

Hey thanks! "A true artist face"... I like that! :D


man i have had nightmares about tv turns on and all my games start play and i unplug every electronic machines but they just keep going and eat me

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Dasneviano responds:

Hehehehe, that would make a good movie, you should try animating it!

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3.87 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2007
2:38 PM EDT