The Snapshot Killer

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My entry for the Halloween Contest. Lights out and sound up for maximum enjoyment! :D

I'll probably turn this into a series.
Thanks to John Hodge (carlhyperweevil) for doing some of the voices.



that was really great, I liked it alot. what makes it even creepier was that I've spent some time in Idaho springs... they have the best pizza in the world there. mmmmm.... delicous. nice job on the sound, and I especially liked some of the effects. it's just the little things that make all the difference. keep up the good work!

Dasneviano responds:

Hey thanks!
I spent some time there too (4 months). Nice little creepy place, never saw people coming in or out of the houses...And everybody loves BeauJo's but I didn't really like it, to be honest. Maybe it was the flavor I chose, but something with a 4-inch crust and that you eat with honey is not pizza for me, lol.
Thanks for the review, I'll sure try to keep the good work on the sound!

pretty good

that was good but WAY!!!too short i wanted more on that so yeah get to work lol


that was just disturbing! good work! can't, wait for the second flash!

i liked it

it was a believable horror thing.but i agree with the last poster.you should carry these on as it would make a great story.i know id watch them.and just like the previous poster you can show us some background into the killer.explain why he does what he does and why he kills these specific people.nice work though.keep it up!

Dasneviano responds:

Yeah, I spent a good part of yesterday skerching a storyboard for future episodes and I'll sure show some background into the guy (maybe just on the last one though....). Anyway, thanks for reviewing!

Good ideas and potential

To me it seams worth to develop it. Especially the killer could have an inner abyss, a kind of distortion that makes him express his self to society like he does.
I recognized you making the music not that overactingly dramatic but it needs a bit more darkness because the story has potential it would be a pity if it would lake giving the viewer the atmosphere you had in mind for this animation.

The van Gogh painting "The Starry Night" made me curios and for sure it is a good teaser too.

Dasneviano responds:

The picture isn't a random thing, if people keep their eyes open they'll be able to get it in the future episodes!

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3.87 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2007
2:38 PM EDT