Possesion of the innocent

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This is a quick movie made after a long break. My Very, very good flash game PUNK got destroyed and I was too annoyed to start again. This is a breif film to try and get me animating again.


i know oly a few hours but jees

5 hours work for 15 seconds of bathroom care man i just got PUNKed

Not bad..

Decent for a few hours of work, remember,

deoderize your 24 hour protection


Nice idea but..

Creepy music, but you concentrated too much on bathroom care supplies, too much time looking at the bathroom wall, deodorant, appliance plug-ins, and the toothbrush, concentrate on a more creepy atmosphere and base the footage more on the characters, and on the side include all the bathroom trinkets, you had a reverse effect, having the bathroom trinkets come first, and the people second.

Nice graphics and the effects were ok, but as I said above it needs a little work.

The death was a bit gory, wow his head sure was smashed like a melon..hmm that death seems quite familiar..too familiar actually, its Rotten material, titled "Failed Mission" Description : Insurgent purportedly in Iraq, stopped by sniper's bullet. Heh, nice try though, get some original ideas yourself in the future perhaps? I know what I'm talking about been there far too much, LOL.

Originality helps your score tremendously, trust me.

VegetA, NG Portal Lieutenant.

5/10 Stars. (Originality Penalty.)

3/5 Vote Panel. (Would have gotten a better score.)

Daz999 responds:

I had a crappy idea of the 24 hour protection on the deoderent being a little joke..because he dies right after xD

And yes! Well spotted! That is due to me starting a war-time movie but it was taking so long I gave up and kept the charecter!

Why are you on that site anyway, Its disgusting! =P

And I have an original idea based on being robbed WHILE being in the house..But to be honest it has probarbly already been used!

Thanks for the review!

Ps: The rotten person, I didn't use any tools to cartoonise it, I just nicked the idea! LOL

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2.20 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2007
5:26 AM EDT
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