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I made this when I decided to make my comic. I decided I should tell other people how to make 'em. Making a comic takes a lot of time and effort. The next button is bottom right, the back button is bottom left. Clocks tell proper times.

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This was cool, it was pretty cool with some mad instructions which could in flash or IRL comics. Nice work there's little you can do to this to make it better as its pretty brilliant, keep it up =)


very nice

hey nice tutourial man, i am currently making a ocmic too,it's based on the stabika flash games. i love how your sraight forward and to the oint without being egotistical. beautifully done.


Not the most entertaining submission, but it is instructive. It could help someone, gave it a five.

urbanancients responds:

Ta, man. I didn't wanna make it too flashy otherwise people might not learn anything. Thanks for the five!=D


i might use this when i can be bothered XD but for now i cant

Rawrz...Not very good

Well, at least it is interesting, so now I think you should do it again with some cool effects and music so people would be interested and will watch it (and learn something), I gave you a 2 and I give you a 5 (because it is still some flash), but really, do it again...
Do it BETTER (don't make us sleep :D) and make animations(short ones...just for fun).
Thats all the advices I can give you, now..well...You do what you want 'eh!

urbanancients responds:

Thanks for the crit man that was really helpful =D
Just I didn't put music in 'cause I don't wanna put music on that people don't like. I left it with no sound so someone could listen to there own tunes.

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3.83 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2007
3:03 PM EDT