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No Mercy For The Damned

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Our first movie showcasing characters we originally designed as artwork for t-shirts. These shirts, as well as other fun things are availiable at www.nomercyforthedamned.c om. We are currently working on another Blithe and Crackers movie, so stay tuned!


-Joe Crevier

EDIT: Thanks so much. We never dreamed of making it to the front page!
We have started working on a new movie, but in the mean time, check out the website!
There is a somewhat longer and higher quality version on there (sorry, its 11mb so watch out for the load!)


-Joe Crevier


im sorry but,,,

u will need much more to won a 10 star rating from me since i the animation was a bit bad music kinda for babys the girl wasnt creepy nd it was too short also the blooed on the wall was kinda strange too but im sure u will make it batter

Pretty cool!

This was creepy...in a good way. Hopefully this will become something more?


i omly liked the music but the clowns were kind of creepy so i gave it a 2 for music and 3 for efort

Well for your first flash...

I have to say that WAS BADASS! Nice work man, I really liked the "poem" if that was a poem the girl was saying. Nice work on the artwork. Music was alright... but still you should make more... you have a lot of potential to be a better flashmaker. Very good that you got 3rd place on your first flash, do you have experience? Because if you don't I give you props. Nice work, hope to see another.


Not very good.

Well, the music was the good part. The rest, well, I think you could've picked somethinig better than clowns. By the by, Schizophrenia is -not- a split personality. That's Mutli-Personality Disorder. There's another more techinical name for it, but I forget right now. Schizophrenia is to lose the distinguishment between reality and things that aren't real.

The art was good, though.

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4.10 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2007
9:07 PM EDT