Goku vs Superman

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finally a did an animation with my favorite character of dragon ball that is (goku)
i and some friends were thinking who will win in a fight with goku and superman
and i decided to make this animation with these great fighters that everybody love them
i wanted to make another final but my flash became very slow
and i couldn't do more but i hope you enjoy it anyway

please don't forget to vote and leave comments


Alittle boring..

Superman, even though I dont like him. He should've put up more of a fight.

A bit harsh on Supes

But the result is, and always will be that Goku wins. Anything above SSJ2 will be a win. I mean, Superman juggles planets. This guy blows em up. For fun. Superman nearly died and came back to life. Goku dies, goes into the afterlife, impresses GODS with his abilities, and comes back to life. Superman saves the world. Goku saves the universe. Superman flies as fast as light. This guy dodges photons, which of course are light particles, for fun.

Goku'd win, but u clearly under estimated superman

Cool flash. But honestly Superman is much stronger than goku. And he's more invunerable to attacks. In a plain fist fight, superman, would probably win, only if goku dosn't start teleporting all over the place. However, this doesn't mean GOku can't win. In fact, Goku can win against superman several ways. While it true that superman can survive a nuclear warhead or even a supernova explosion, he can't survive the Genki Dama/Spirit Bomb. Superman is weak against magic, and technically speaking the Genki Dama is considered a magic based ability. It comes from Mana energy. The Genki Dama would completely destroy superman in that scenario.
Another thing is that Goku can blow up the sun, there by eliminating Superman's main power source. That is assuming that Goku would find out about that. Afterall, the only reason supes is so damn strong in the first place is because he absorbs the solar rays from the sun. Goku however, has energy all his own. That energy is so strong, it can be felt all the way out into the outskirts of the great beyond when at full strength. The heavens and earth literally shake. That doesn't happen with Superman, at least from my knowledge.
Still though,Superman's abilities are technically better, only beacuse he's faster and stronger, and he his invunerablilty is crazy, and he almost never gets tired, and he can survive in space. Those are pretty much all the attributes Majin Buu has, but even he gets tired now and then. Let's face it, Goku can't move a planet. But it takes more than brawn to win a fight. It takes technique, fighting strategy, and most importantly heart. Watch UFC and you might learn something. These are all a bunch of things that Goku has, that superman could never measure up to, despite the fact that he too has them, jsut not as much. GOku loves to fight. SUperman doesn't. He'll turn the cheek if he has too. Goku usually won't, yet he'll spare his enemy. While superman is a classic hero, and all around good guy thats almost unbeatable, these obstacles can be easily surpassed by Goku and his abilities. I say GOku's chances are best around GT, But he'll be able to handle it no problem in the cell saga. Unless if the Genki Dama is used, he doesn't have a chance before mastery of the super saiyan.

But lets suppose there was a real crossover over comic (besides the one from Wiz), Goku and superman would never have a reason to fight eachother. Most likely they'd end up being very good friends. I think the only time they'd fight is in a friendly sparring match or a tournament match.

OH Richard. I Disagree (drives off)

Too short, superman wasn't really given a chance in this flash, he was depicted as a realy strong dude who could fly but other than that had nothing. Felt like I was watching the harlem globe trotters playing pre-schoolers instead of 2 badasses capable of destroying planets with ease. Even if goku did win it wouldn't be over so quickly.

i think so

i also think the same as tyguy but it was still cool

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Oct 9, 2007
6:44 PM EDT