Goku vs Superman

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finally a did an animation with my favorite character of dragon ball that is (goku)
i and some friends were thinking who will win in a fight with goku and superman
and i decided to make this animation with these great fighters that everybody love them
i wanted to make another final but my flash became very slow
and i couldn't do more but i hope you enjoy it anyway

please don't forget to vote and leave comments


far from satisfied

I love both of these guys (i like goku a lil more) but it would have lasted longer

im also tired of stupid people commenting like some people think manga/anime should be band but why its just japanese cartoons, also im tired of people saying that american superheros are stupid, "shut up" manga/anime and superheros are awsome, im getting off track, superman would have put up a much bigger fight.


lol that was awesome, by the way if anybody knows that that track is the is being played b4 the preloader pm please i realy like it

goku vs superman

fact goku has been beaten but every time he's been beaten he has gotten stronger in this battle goku could've also used the kao kehn attack which would end superman in a flash

Thats right

Thats right Goku, make super man your bitch


the superman you have decided is the first to be shown. He is seems to be powerful because the planet he came from had 10x the gravity of earth. This means (in comic terms) he is at leas 10x less powerful than goku as he can master 100 gravity with ease
(if we to apply real-world physics goku would still win because moving to a place with lower gravity results in a loss of muscle massan therefore strengthas we know goku was exceptionally strong on earth where superman wouldn't be

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Oct 9, 2007
6:44 PM EDT