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*** IF YOU CANNOT CONNECT IT IS NOT THE GAME, IT IS YOUR CONNECTION. Some of you with certain ISPs may experience troubles connecting. There isn't anything we can do about you possibly having a poor internet connection. The server can support up to 4000 simultaneous players. Please turn off all p2p internet programs and anything else that may slow the game down and cause lag. Firewalls and router settings may cause lag also. If the game runs slow on your pc Right-click and set detail to LOW. Otherwise the game should run very fast***

***Play the game on Diverge Creations: http://www.diverge.ws/hos t.html, sign up for an account and get access to special stuff, like stat recording and bonus dressup-items to customize your character

A = Shoot maggotball
S = Punch
ARROW KEYS: Move/Attack in direction
[We also have a plethora of emoticons. Try these:
:) :P ;) :( :# ;( :| to start... see what else you can find]

**Game ends when the Kill Limit has been reached by a player

Step into the role of a HOST creature, and struggle to survive against your fellow organ-stealing abominations in this ground-breaking one-of-a-kind online multiplayer royal rumble! Customize your own maggot-ridden monstrosity to create a one-of-a-kind, vomit-inducing persona. Then, climb your way to the top of the food chain. Eat the hearts of dead opponents to replenish health (there's a flipside to this though... you grow and become a bigger target)

Note from the Developer: This is only the begining. We plan to keep updating HOST periodically, adding new features and fun stuff in the near future.

Big thanks to Tom Fulp for funding the project, and a big thanks to Skye Boyes and XGenStudios for providing the multiplayer server.


Well, it did work :P

Game well done, feels like worms in general, however the delay in actions (for instance when you hit your char stops, -wait here-, hit, -wait again-, mobile again.) is kinda annoying. Other than that it was great except i got bored pretty fast (it might be just me though).

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no lags

just works fine ut not ma style of mp game :(

I dont get it

I connected and played once and had a blast!
But now I cant seem to conncect anymore.
I didnt get to play long enough to see if this game had team battles, if not then I suggest you put it in, that would make this the ultimate flash game for me, thats the only thing that would make me love the game more, If I could climb the ranks with my friends, well that, and if I could connect again :(

nope sorry

im going to have to agree with amanbitesman simply because i have a brand new computer with comcast highspeed internet and it still lagged. and i got disconnected before i even got to finish a game. idk tho. the gameplay itself was dope! i just wish i could've played longer.

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RiftMaster responds:

I know many people with comcast. comcast is awful and people i know who have it generally have problems with all online games. Xgen's server can support 4000 players simultaneously with no change in latency. We've had players on the other side of the world play with no problems. It's likely Comcast or your firewall/router settings. Glad you liked the game though, and I hope you can resolve your connection problems and play it without any difficulties!

Good game, some suggestions

The game looks really nice, I'm currently working on a multiplayer flash game myself :D. One quick suggestion, I think you should REALLY consider making the text a bit bigger, were it talks about the login information. My eyes are pretty good and I can read it, but it's just so irritating having to read small text, and I can't image someone with poor eye sight trying to read it. Besides that, the game looks innovating and fun!

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3.79 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2007
6:13 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS