Swing Among The Stars Ep1

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Episode 1: The Earthbound Incident

I am proud to present Swing Among The Stars: A Serial Space Adventure, In Color!

Strap in, countdown and get ready to blast off to adventure, with everyone's favorite martini fueled space cadet, Lt. Col. Ted Price! High space hi-jinx await you among the stars! Come fly with me!


The word "episode" may be misleading, when intended to mean "chapter". Watch at your own risk.


Excellent animation - but lacking backstory

I agree with M3RC3R , the animation was good and I enjoyed it in that retrospect but even fun cartoons need a bit of backstory. I also get the vibe you were going for but I think it still needed a bit of voice acting because to me it felt like the music was just droning on. But don't get me wrong I really did enjoy the animation and I'm hoping to see episode 2 soon!

two words....fucking...... sweet

this is the best thing ive seen on new grounds in a long time. nothing like a little james bond, space, alien love, booz, and man ass to get a awsome story going. nice touch with the chicks in the pool...looking forword to more!


I really liked the style of this cartoon, it kinda reminded me of the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons.

I'm really looking forward to the next episode and will keep my eye on this series.

Great job.

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Not bad.

Not bad, but the intro seemed longer than the episode, and as a first episode I think it should've had more back-story! Anyway, it was still quite good and I loved the preloader!

GroundControlOne responds:

I think the word "episode" is maybe a little misleading in this case, as all of the "episodes" are more like "chapters", really. The intro will go before all of the "chapters" when they are done, not inbeween each of them. Anyhow, when there are more, hopefully it will make more sense. Thanks for your input!

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3.27 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2007
10:40 AM EDT
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